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Re: past life regression questions...

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>Subject: Re: past life regression questions...
>Date: 17 May 1997 20:14:59 GMT

>Actually, books that claim that alien abduction or past life regression
>represent reality rather than fiction remind *me* of the Dark Ages. 

First, let's consider PLR. While I admit there is no discovered scientific 
evidence to proove PLR, can you DISprove PLR? Until it can be irrefutably 
proven OR disproven, taking a strong postion one way or the other may result 
in someone eating crow. Those who make public claims of PLR being reality fall 
into the same category in my mind as those who claim that it is fiction.

In regards to alien abductions, while I believe that many so-called abductions 
represent false memories, I believe that SOMETHING is going on out there with 
some of the people some of the time. 

>...[snip]... I have zero tolerance of those who would defraud the public on 
>such matters.

Have you read Chapter 13 of THE ART OF HYPNOTHERAPY which I posted previously 
on this thread? Can't you see that being convinced that all PLR & abductions 
are fiction is just as opinionated as being convinced that they are all true?

Until you can SCIENTIFICALLY PROVE that we are alone in the universe, I'll 
have to consider the possibility of life elsewhere. 

>I don't mind Bruce Goldberg or Budd Hopkins writing the kinds of books
>they write, as long as

>a) They *clearly* state that these books are works of fiction -- that
>alien abductions are *not really happening* and that people are *not

How can any therapist state that alien abductions are not really happening? 
Wouldn't that approach be risky to the client who believed that something had 
happened? While I may personally question whether many of these sessions are 
handled in a NON-leading manner, I'm not so quick to condemn those who wish to 
explore alternative explanations which might not fit old paradigms.

Again, lack of finding scientific proof of a theory does NOT constitute proof 
that the theory is false... Otherwise most of our scientific advancements 
might never have taken place.

Roy Hunter, Certified Hypnotherapy Instructor
(Kendall/Hunt Publishing; to order, call 1-800-228-0810)

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Subject: Re: past life regression questions...