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Re: past life regression questions...


Good post! Exscept for the few "antis" on this NG, I don't see anything in your
post that should generate flames. 

In several hundred PLRs, I have never had a royal personage, either. I did have
one person who was a minor functionary in a royal court. (He was one of the ones
whose authenticity I questioned because his past life seemed to support his
present life just a bit too well. I am certain that he had prior knowledge of
his historical person.)

How did PLR change your life?


"Butch Fralia" <sharbu@flash.net> wrote:

  >I'm not a hypnotherapist nor a regular poster to this group though I'm a
  >regular reader.  I have been through hypnotheraphy that didn't involve past
  >life regression.  It was of great benefit to me.  From that experience, I
  >developed an interest in hypnosis and took several courses offered by the
  >hypno-therapist.  I'm not challenging any of the learned hypnotists here
  >just relating a few observations so go easy on me folks because I notice
  >the original post set off quite a debate.
  >I later got interested in past life regression out of curiousity.  I have
  >both submitted to past life regression and taken other people through it. 
  >It's an interesting experience, though not always pleasent.  I did not come
  >away wanting to preach reincarnation though I did come away with a more
  >open mind on the subject.
  >The process should not involve any suggestion of what your past lives
  >should be, only that you can recall and usually have some vehicle of
  >getting there.  It's sometimes difficult on the first session because
  >you're so astounded and keep trying to rationalize or make some sense of
  >the experience.  Instead of trying to figure it all out, just enjoy the
  >ride and ask yourself the questions and do your rationalizing later.
  >I went through a number of past lives.  I was never a royal personage or a
  >person of greatness.  I went through one experience as a bartender in a
  >western bar, and remember watching a gun fight.  It wasn't much like the
  >movies however, because it involved one guy walking in and blasting the bar
  >with a shot gun and most of the people in the bar running rather than
  >having a John Wayne stand off.
  >I hope this is of some help.
  >Butch Fralia

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