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Re: past life regression questions...

In article <337a889c.294297115@news>, fake@ddress.com wrote:
>Hi all...  I'm planning on seeing a hypnotherapist to recall my past lives.  Is
>there anything I should know before hand to prepare for this?  What should I
>expect? Would it be better to see a psychologist instead of just a certified
>hypnotherapist?  Does it work??  And lastly, would anyone like to share their
>regression experiences??
>(By the way, my  e-mail adress is fake)


   I doubt that you will find someone who knows whether or not past life 
regression (PLR) hypnosis or therapy truly reveals past lives. What is
known is that many people who do recall "past lives" under hypnosis find
the experience very helpful, whether or not the "past lives" were happy 
or sad, ended peacefully or violently. This may be because they get a 
chance to view themselves from another perspective (often this helps them
to resolve a dilemma in their current life), and/or they often experience 
death as a transition and not an end in itself; they then no longer fear 
death. The "past life" experiences themselves are usually said to have the 
quality of current life memories, and are thus often, though not always, 
convincing to those that have them. In a few cases it is reported that 
information is obtained, that is later verified through other means, that 
would have been difficult if not impossible to come by through "normal" 

  The cases that I have read about have mostly been with a qualified
psychologist or psychiatrist, and I have not read of any overall negative 
experience. It may be useful to be able to discuss the "past life"
experience with a psychologist or psychiatrist afterwards and thereby 
immediately address any concerns. From my limited experience under hypnosis
I can say that I was very calm, aware and free to choose. However as with any 
consultation that deals with very personal information it is common sense and 
important to seek someone who you can trust.

  Dr. Raymond Moody has at least one interesting book describing
PLR results ("Coming Back : A Psychiatrist Explores Past-Life Journeys"),
and other books on related topics, that you may find interesting.


    Declan Hughes


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