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Re: past life regression questions...

I'm not a hypnotherapist nor a regular poster to this group though I'm a
regular reader.  I have been through hypnotheraphy that didn't involve past
life regression.  It was of great benefit to me.  From that experience, I
developed an interest in hypnosis and took several courses offered by the
hypno-therapist.  I'm not challenging any of the learned hypnotists here
just relating a few observations so go easy on me folks because I notice
the original post set off quite a debate.

I later got interested in past life regression out of curiousity.  I have
both submitted to past life regression and taken other people through it. 
It's an interesting experience, though not always pleasent.  I did not come
away wanting to preach reincarnation though I did come away with a more
open mind on the subject.

The process should not involve any suggestion of what your past lives
should be, only that you can recall and usually have some vehicle of
getting there.  It's sometimes difficult on the first session because
you're so astounded and keep trying to rationalize or make some sense of
the experience.  Instead of trying to figure it all out, just enjoy the
ride and ask yourself the questions and do your rationalizing later.

I went through a number of past lives.  I was never a royal personage or a
person of greatness.  I went through one experience as a bartender in a
western bar, and remember watching a gun fight.  It wasn't much like the
movies however, because it involved one guy walking in and blasting the bar
with a shot gun and most of the people in the bar running rather than
having a John Wayne stand off.

I hope this is of some help.

Butch Fralia

fake@ddress.com wrote in article <3376dc4d.315725048@news>...
> Hi all...  I'm planning on seeing a hypnotherapist to recall my past
lives.  Is
> there anything I should know before hand to prepare for this?  What
should I
> expect? Would it be better to see a psychologist instead of just a
> hypnotherapist?  Does it work??  And lastly, would anyone like to share
> regression experiences??
> Tim
> (By the way, my  e-mail adress is fake)

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