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Legislative Update from Scot Giles

Scot Giles sent me the following e-mail for posting on this newsgroup:


Legislation updates (provided as a service by the National Federation of 
Hypnotists/AFL-CIO, the unionized political arm of the National Guild of 

1. California.  Assemblyman Woods had entered a bill (AB 276) for the 
regulation of hypnotism in California this year.  In response to the problems 
encountered last year, Assemblyman Woods has attempted to create a more 
inclusive process, inviting representatives of the National Guild of 
Hypnotists, the National Federation of Hypnotists, the American Board of 
Hypnotherapy, the Hypnosis Motivation Institute and the American Council of 
Hypnotist Examiners, and several hypnosis schools to negotiate.  The first 
attempt at negotiation, using a consultation process with a paid facilitator 
hired by HMI, failed when representatives of all the larger hypnosis 
organization concluded that the process was biased against their membership 
and withdrew.  In the wake of this walkout, Assemblyman Woods has personally 
intervened and is working with the leaders of the larger hypnosis 
organizations (ABH, NGH, NFH, ACHE) to create a bill for next year that all 
parties will sign off on.  AB 276 has been turned into a two-year bill to hold 
the place of the legislation while this process is going forward.  At the 
present time the process seems to be going well and it is likely that a 
"paperwork only" registration bill similar to the law in Washington State will 
be proposed for action in 1998.

2. Indiana.  The nation's first license law for hypnotism is likely to become 
law in Indiana this year.  SB 74, a cooperative bill created by 
representatives of NGH/NFH and ACHE has passed the Senate and the House and is 
awaiting the action of the Governor.  While a previous version of this bill 
was vetoed in response to action by NGH and NFH with the veto upheld this 
year--the present version has the support of all parties.  The Indiana license 
law creates a regulatory body for hypnotism under the medical board and 
requires 150 hours of classroom training, 50 hours of video or multimedia 
instruction, and 150 hours of supervised practice.  Candidates also have to 
pass a standard license exam.  Grandparenting is not generous in this 
legislation and some Indiana hypnotists will have to retrain.  NGH and NFH 
members in Indiana will receive a letter explaining this bill if the Governor 
signs it.  Correspondence courses for hypnotherapy (such as the HMI program) 
will not count for licensure.  However, wording is in the bill that may allow 
persons holding the DCH degree from the American Institute of Hypnotherapy to 
use their degree professionally provided they also attend a training program 
that includes 150 hours of physical presence in a classroom with an instructor 
who is also physically present.  AIH was consulted in the creation of this 
legislation so that their degree could still serve as an advanced professional 

3. Illinois.  On May 15, 1997 the Illinois Senate passed the Hypnotist 

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