Zero News Update November 1999:

    Veranstaltung U2-Station Babenbergerstraße/Museumsquartier
    Samstag, 11. Dezember '99
    18:30h – 00:00h

    Zero News Update September 1999:

    Veranstaltung zum Austrian Cultural Backbone in der Ovalhalle im Museumsquartier. Check it out!!

    Zero News Update August 1999:

    Einstweilige Verfuegung die Jörg Haider Pornographievorwürfe verbietet wieder in Kraft

    Zero News Update June 1999:

    Einstweilige Verfuegung die Jörg Haider Pornographievorwürfe verbietet temporär aufgehoben

    Zero News Update March 1999:

    European Cultural Backbone Meeting, March 4-7, 1999 Rabenstein/A
    initiated by the Austrian Federal Chancellery, Department for the Arts
    with the support of the Netherlands Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Arts Council of England and KulturKontakt and under the patronage of the UNESCO.

    Zero News Update 12. December 1998:

    ExpertInnen-Arbeitsgespräch zur Medienkultur in Österreich. Eine Veranstaltung von Virtuelle Plattform Österreich und IG Kultur Österreich. Unterstützt und organisiert von Public Netbase t0, / Stadtwerkstatt, Kulturplattform Oberösterreich, IG Kultur Österreich.

    Expert-Meeting on Austrian Media Culture. An event by Virtuelle Plattform Österreich and IG Kultur Österreich. Supported and organised by Public Netbase t0, / Stadtwerkstatt, Kulturplattform Oberösterreich, IG Kultur Österreich.

    Zero News Update 24. October 1998:

    bitstreams and data~scapes:
    SYNREALITY - 3D competition on 8 workstations, E~SCAPE - performing live: Curd Duca, Dieter Bohlen, REMOTE VIEWING: with Robert Adrian X, Farmers Manual, fuchs-eckermann, Martin Krenn, Oliver Ressler, Irene Lavina, LOT art investigation, MAMAX, Wochenklausur, Eva Wohlgemuth; Parallel-Event in Vienna/A and Museum of Modern Art MUKHA Antwerp/B.

    Zero News Update 1.-3. October 1998:

    Kultur als Kompetenz / Cultural Competence:
    Conference under the Austrian EU-Presidency, hosted by Federal Chancellery Dep. for the Arts, concept by Public Netbase t0 and others, Linz/A.

    Zero News Update 21. March 1998:


    ........ coming with categories now ..... suggestions? just finished your website? different category?
    send mailto:

    Zero News Update 19. Februar 1998:


    For lurkers only. Online-streaming webcam spys through the infamous halls of Public Netbase.

    Zero News Update 26. January 1998:

    You can't know everything about everything . . .

    Zero News Update 19. Dezember 1997:

    Einige Gedanken zur Autoritaet des Rechtes im Cyberspace samt Bonustracks von fuenf weihnachtlichen Sinnspruechen zum Cyberlaw - mit viel Provokation und einem kleinen Quentchen Ernsthaftigkeit

    und einem Link zum Datenpool von Viktor Mayer-Schoenberger.

    Zero News Update 18. November 1997:

    The Obelisk
    by Hakim Bey

    26. October 1997:

    Zero News Update 10. March 1997:

    Zer0 News Page was changed to load quicker.

    The internationally acclaimed datapool featuring Hakim Bey (USA), Derrick de Kerckhove (Director McLuhan Institute, Toronto), Critical Art Ensemble (USA), Doro Franck (NL), Mark Dery (USA), Keisuke Oki (JP), Pierre Levy (F), Sadie Plant (GB), Manuel de Landa (USA/Mex), Arthur und Marie-Louise Kroker (CAN) and many more is now available at

    Zero News Update 1. March 1997:

    dolores' bulimic breakfast
    has finished her make-up!

    i n t e r v i e w s - dolores' breakfast club
    m a n i f e s t o s - raise your modem and shout!
    f i c t i o n - piercing the borders of cyberspace
    p r o j e c t s - wave your daddy good-bye


    e~lands on the web
    A hypertextual adventure


    Zero News Update 28. February 1997:

    Public Netbase ( is proud to announce the opening of its new location Media~Space! in the Viennese Museumsquartier:

    Opening of Public Netbase Media~Space!
    28. February 1997, 19:00 cet

    Opening Speaker: Peter Lamborn Wilson (NY, USA) "Information Millennium"
    Music and Performance: Pulsinger & Tunakan, Cheap Ent., Ligeia of the Limbic System (USA)
    Djax Up Label Tour, 22:00 cet

    Installations and Interventions: Erwin Redl (USA, A), Brigitte Kowanz (A), Franz Xaver (A), Lucia Mare (EC)

    Live Netcast of the opening will be provided. For details check out

    Public Netbase t0 is a not-for-profit internet service provider. It is an internationally acclaimed content developer and runs an event and information program in the Viennese Museumsquartier.

    Starting March 1997 Public Netbase will expand its services. More public internet terminals will be accessible in our new location, presentations of Austrian and international Media - and Network Art and a growing number of lectures, workshops and training programs will be held at Media~Space!.

    Invited guests for 1997 include: Krystian Woznicki (D, JP), Erik Davis (USA), Stelarc (AUS), Critical Art Ensemble (USA), GashGirl/Francesca da Rimini (AUS), Association of Autonomous Astronauts (I, UK), Mark Dery (USA), Ingo Günther (D, USA), Toshiya Ueno (JP), Linda Dement (AUS) and others.

    Our weekly (e~scape lounge) and monthly multimedia events are netcasted via cuseeme and realaudio technology, check it out at

    Public Netbase is committed to the exploration of the relations between culture and technology, art and society, science and politics. Its World Wide Web Server has had 30 million virtual visitors from all over the world and was awarded the Prix Ars Electronica 95.

    Zero News Update 23. January 1997:

    e~ scape lounge
    realaudio internet broadcast remote viewing DJ's liveacts visuals -
    every thursday 20:00

    Zero News Update 20. January 1997:

    "Play with me!"
    Or: Cyberspace as Toyspace
    by Oliver Marchart

    Zero News Update 8. January 1997:

    Hypermedia and Network Realities

    Multimedia Centre for the Arts,

    Zero News Update 29. November 1996:

    MPEG Movieshow

    Zero News Update 15. November 1996:

    Check it out!

    Zero News Update 26. October 1996:

    An Interview with Stelarc
    Miss M and Australian Performance artist Stelarc are having coffee and cake.
    For some background music, check out Stelarc Soundtrax in IWAVE Format.

    Zero News Update 8. October 1996:

    An Interview with Stelarc
    Miss M and Australian Performance artist Stelarc are having coffee and cake.

    e~scape Update 29. September 1996:

    e~scape event
    Real Audio / CU SeeMe Broadcast, Utrecht NL

    Zero News Update 2. June 1996:

    Radio Sermonettes
    Hakim Bey & The Moorish Orthodox Radio Crusade Collective

    Zero News Update 23. Mai 1996:

    First Annual Report of the Association of Autonomous Astronauts (Part II)

    Zero News Update 17. Mai 1996:

    First Annual Report of the Association of Autonomous Astronauts (Part I)

    AAA Launch Report April 23rd 1995 by The Jackal
    A Press Officer's Report by Jason Skeet, Inner City AAA
    Contributions to the Evolutionary Struggle by Inner City AAA
    A Letter to a Sceptic by the AAA
    The Dreamtime Mission by South London AAA

    Zero News Update 16. Mai 1996:

    by Anonymous

    Zero News Update 15. Mai 1996:

    Obsessive Love

    Zero News Update 14. Mai 1996:

    Auskunft: Konrad Becker im Gespräch mit Geert Lovink
    Geert Lovink ist Mitbegründer der Digitalen Stadt und Mitglied der Agentur Bilwet. Er lehrt Medientheorie in Budapest und Bukarest und ist Mit-Organisator diverser Medienfestivals.
    14.05.1996, 19.00 Uhr im DEPOT

    Zero News Update 11. Mai 1996:

    Infobody Subpropaganda
    Senso - Linguistic Infiltration Programs (SLIP), Telepresent Contagious Postures (TCP), Propaganda Propulsion Project (PPP), Mac Believe, Cybercratic Conspiracy Command Control Intelligence (C4I), Intelligent Pandemonium (IP), Infobody Biofeedback Modulation (IBM), Vast Active Living Intelligence System (VALIS), Meme Slaves (MS), Leviathan Supersystems
    Konrad Becker

    Zero News Update 9. Mai 1996:

    ENIGMA 5 - The Poetic Turn
    The 20th century brought the "linguistic turn" in philosophy and many other fields, the next will bring - this is my prophecy - or call it guess - the poetic turn.

    Doro Franck

    Zero News Update 3. Mai 1996:

    Virtual Futures 1996: Datableed
    Konrad Becker, Manuel DeLanda, Pat Cadigan, Linda Dement, Kodwo Eshun, Scanner, Sadie Plant, Nick Land, O[rphan] D[rift>], Steve Beard, Matthew Fuller, Beth Stryker ....more.....

    Zero News Update 9. April 1996:

    Arthur and Marilouise Kroker @ Public Netbase
    (Wednesday, March 6 1996)

    Code Warriors
    This is an excerpt from Arthur and Marilouise Kroker's book Hacking the Future, New York: St. Martin's Press; Montreal: New World Perspectives, 1996.
    (From CTHEORY)

    Zero News Update 8. March 1996:

    Ms. Guidance on FESTIVALS ONLINE:
    Re-build, updated and so much better than it ever has been !

    Zero News Update 4. March 1996:

    Wednesday, March 6 1996, 19:00 at Depot/Museumsquartier

    Wir sind vielleicht die letzte Generation der menschlichen Spezies, die ohne Datenhaut oder Cyber-Organe geboren wird. Nostalgische Reminiszenz in bezug auf den Körper ist schrecklich, zumal wir längst aus den Augen verloren haben, wo der Körper jemals angesiedelt war: Der begehrende Körper, der Techno-Körper, der Konsumkörper, der sexuell markierte Körper, der narkotiserte Körper, der Arbeitskörper, der disziplinierte Körper - welcher ist real und welcher nicht ?
    Vielleicht ist die verlorene Utopie des Körper, der niemals existierte, die verfürereische Basis der digitalen Realität. Eine Realität, die nicht vom Willen, den verlorengegangenen Referenten des Körpers in eine neue Architektur eines virtuellen Körpers einzusammeln, beherrscht ist.

    Arthur Kroker is Professor of Political Science at Concordia University, Montreal/CAN, and together with Marielouise Kroker editor of the electronic Journal CTheory.

    Zero News Update 4. March 1996:

    Tuesday, March 5 1996, 19:00 at Depot/Museumsquartier

    Unsere Gesellschaft basierte bislang auf dem Austausch der Frau, SIE existiterte ausschließlich als Medium, als Übergang, Objekt der Transaktion zwischen Männern. Die Frau war das Dazwischen, der in-between-Mensch, diejenige, die seine Botschaften sendete, seine Zahlen zählte, seine Kinder bekam und seinen genetischen Code weitergab. All dies wird nun in Frage gestellt. Die Einführung eines universalen binären Codes unterwandert die Opposition einer materialen weiblichen Basis und einer männlichen Superstruktur. Das Dazwischen wird nun pötzlich wichtiger als die beiden Pole A und B.

    Sadie Plant is Director of the Cybernetic Unit of the University of Warwick, UK


    18.00 - 19.00 hours, Media~Space!

    Public Netbase registration and introduction
    As of 20.3. 1995 every Monday 18.00 hours and by appointment

    Public Netbase t0 Media~Space!

    1070 Wien, Museumsplatz 1
    Fon: + 431 5221834
    Fax: +431 522 50 58
    Mon. - Fri. 14.00 - 19.00