The Columbian Magazin 'Mecani Mania' presents in its January 1996 edition original photographs from subterranean warriors. Rumours of a secret world, a Hollow Planet beneath the surface were persistent throughout the centuries. Finally photographic evidence of the existance of this highly advanced technological culture has been disclosed.
The title photo shows a subwarrior coming out of a swamp hole in full combat gear. (also picture on the right). The image below shows a unidentified flying object hovering over the waters of a subterranean entrance.

Even more sensational the fotographic document of subterranean wardances:

According to an eyewittness there is a infiltration program going on which slowly replaces positions of the global command centers with subterranean creatures in disguise. The informant explains that a take over is not to be feared from outer space but rather from below earth. He draws a connection to nearly lethal assaults on politicians in Germany (Lafontaine, Schaeuble) from schizophrenic/psychotic Assasins who according to 'Spiegel' magazine wanted to make public the fact that there are huge subterranean factories beneath Germany, dedicated to biological manipulations and sexual/chirurgic experiments with humans. (Relations to the Sun Temple or the Illuminati were not reported in this case.)

The 'Mecani Mania' article proposes that top secret information (including a drawing from a strategic scenario for a intraterrestial world war) leaked into the print version of the August 21 1995 Issue of ' Time' magazine which has since achived cult status in the fringe research circles of subterraneans. There is a rare photograph of Colonel M. Pasley of the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command at Fort Belvoir, Virginia who uses the identity of a Colonel and electronic warfare expert and seems to be related to unexplainable events.

Astoundingly many public documents have more or less obvious reference to the subterranean domain. H.P. Lovecraft revealed some of the legends about subterranean 'Elder Things' in his famous novel "At the Mountains of Madness" (1936) but they were never officialy aknowledged for their realism. The US based 'Society for the Investigation of Paraspeleology, Abyssian phenomena and the Underworld' (SIPAPU) has been abruptly and misteriously abandoned in the late 80's but the subject of underground worlds (Aghartha) and their inhabitants (Deros, Teros, Snake People) is still surfacing at many points in underground and popular culture. Even the 'Supermario Bros.' Hollywood movie makes open reference to the legendary snake people of the underworlds.

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