april 97

02.04 cyber.rights
Diskussion zu "Ein Land geht offline"

20:00 media~space!
10.04 Erik Davis "Watch your Language"
"Spiritual Telegraphs and the Technology of Communication: Tuning Into The Electromagnetic Imagination."

20:00 media~space!
17.04 Nippon Electronica
e~scape lounge mit Krystian Woznicki, VJ Miss Eye from Tokyo and others

20:00 media~space!
18.04 Krystian Woznicki "TokyoBabylon"
"New Japan Technoculture"

20:00 media~space!
25.04 Austria Filmmakers Cooperative
Austrian Independent Film and Videodatabase

20:00 media~space!
28.04 Anne Balsamo "Cyberflesh"
"World White Wash. The Politics of the Infobody"

20:00 media~space!