Zero News Update 25. February 1996:

    Claudia Hart's A Child's Machiavelli

    Zero News Update 16. February 1996:

    NONJA, the Orang Utan Lady from the Zoo in Vienna, well known as painter, is playing the keyboard ! Another Live Video Feed Special.


    Next 5 Minutes : Tactical Media

    Conference and Exhibition
    Amsterdam & Rotterdam, 18-21 January 1996

    1. Tactical research
    2. Public domain and access
    3. Metaphorical languages
    4. Net criticism

    The Institute for New Culture Technologies / Public Netbase will be organizing e~scape a Hypermedia-Event on Saturday, 20th January at Paradiso.

    Expect the unexpected!

    Six internet terminals will be available for people to surf on, assisted by our crew of "data sherpas". Aside from browsing sites around the world, these terminals can also be used to directly participate in the sonic experience. There will be an online sound-database where you can select sounds to play back over Paradiso's speaker system. Of course you can also go to other places on the Net and play back sounds you find there.

    But...even if you can not be present in person, you can still participate via the Net. There are two ways in which you can make yourself, literally, heard.

    1. You can send an email to n5m@xs4all.nl during the event. An application will then convert your text into computer speech which will be played over the soundsystem in the hall.

    2. There will be a site in operation running an WWW interface called t0 HYPER.CHAT . To use this this you will need Netscape version 2. With this chat facility you can not only send text, you can also type in any URL and this page will be shown at the other end. The beauty is that you can also enter the URL of a sound. So you can point to any noises in our online sound-database, and they will be played in the hall. Of course, nothing stops you from entering the URL of one of your own sounds!

    Send text-emails to n5m@xs4all.nl or use t0 HYPER.CHAT .

    Zero News Update 11. January 1995:

    Ulrike Gabriel's VIEWS
    A group of invited authors with various backgrounds such as media+traditional art, cyber culture, economics, music, philosophy and theatre joins a discourse.

    Zero News Update 28. November 1995:

    e~ scape REAL AUDIO SERVER

    CYBERCOREin 60 seconds t0 500 Beats Per Minute
    KONRAD BECKER and XAOS 15 min. live show for "La Boum De Luxe" Radio FM4

    Zero News Update 26. November 1995:


    Ingo Guenthers transnational Republic @ Public Netbase

    Zero News Update 24. November 1995:

    GALLERY @ Public Netbase

    Peter Lamborn Wilson on Orang Utan Lady NONJA,
    the famous painter out of the Zoo

    Zero News Update 17. November 1995:

    BREATH pictures from Ulrike Gabriel's interactive virtual enviroment
    now on e~scape video


    STIMBOD - Fractal Flesh Performance


    Saturday Nov 11 - 14:00
    Public Netbase / Depot - Museumsquartier

    Zero News Update 8.November 1995:

    Doro Franck: ENIGMA - The Poetic Bet

    The latest of the ENIGMA series on new communication!

    Zero News Update 29. Oktober 1995:

    Ms.Guidance on Virtual Events:
    Festivals Online and Net Based Projects like Virtual Robotics, Artifical Lifeforms, Remote Controll Thingies and more.

    Zero News Update 13. Oktober 1995:

    Z'EV on THE THREE-FOLD EAR and the energies of enthusiasm

    Kabbala Online!

    Zero News Update 12. Oktober 1995:

    Doro Franck: ENIGMA 3 - Style as Immune System

    Zero News Update 10. Oktober 1995:

    Doro Franck continues her Series on enigmas on the Internet: ENIGMA 2 - Orpheus in the Internet

    Zero News Update 2. Oktober 1995:

    Public Netbase @ METAFORUM II - Budapest Networking Conference, October 6-8th `95

    Participate Physically or Virtually!

    After the live show at GETALAIF the Rave with Liza an Eliaz (Antwerp), Manu Le Malin (Paris), Stella (Sweden), XAOS and PURE, on 2th September :
    Public Netbase's own CYBERCORE (Konrad Becker, XAOS) with a LIVE RADIO SHOW for "La Boum De Luxe" FM4 Austrian Radio 104 MHZ on 29. September 1995:

    22h 30 Check it out!

    Zero News Update 18. September 1995:

    e~scape Video Feed re-launch

    Soon more to come on this channel

    Zero News Update 17. September 1995:

    Autonomous News Agents

    The Serious Chiller Lounge Info-Knowbots at work again!

    Zero News Update 3. September 1995:


    " The Abolition of Work" - HTML version of the Zero -Work classic

    Zero News Update 2. September 1995:


    "The second bite eating from the tree of knowledge" - Considering style, selfconsciousness and grace in man and machine.

    Zero News Update 1. September 1995:


    " Technophilia, an infantile disorder" A response to a text published in Fringeware Review

    Zero News Update 8. August 1995:


    A little PUBLIC NETBASE photo-album

    Zero News Update 6. August 1995:


    Pierre Lévy (French only - for now)

    Zero News Update 3. August 1995:


    The water world enhanced animated slide-show....

    Zero News Update 23. July 1995:

    The Book of the Damned

    Chapter 1 of Charles Fort's classic now online

    Zero News Update 21. July 1995:

    Ulrike Gabriel im Gespraech mit Markus Wailand

    German Only

    Zero News Update 12. July 1995:

    Ms. Guidance on the Devil's Bookmarks

    Cults R Us!

    Zero News Update 10. July 1995:


    One more enhancement: Live-Videofeed into your Netscape Browser...still working on the update rate and bringing you sound soon

    Zero News Update 5. July 1995:

    What's so natural about natural language?

    Doro Franck on "Linguistic arbitrariness and motivation in an ecology of language".

    Zero News Update 30. June 1995:

    Critical Art Ensemble The Mythology of Terrorism on the Net

    Address to Ars Electronica 95 "Mythos Information"

    Zero News Update 19. June 1995:

    E~SCAPE VRLM SERVER 3D WEBSPACE @ Public Netbase t0

    Visit us at Ars Electronica 95

    KR+CF Homepage @ Public Netbase, co-realities project Ars Electronica 95 / Kunstraum Wien

    Zero News Update 12. June 1995:

    Georg Franck und Doro Franck @ Public Netbase, vorerst in DEUTSCH

    New World Music, Konrad Becker on New Sound Worlds

    ZeroZone features projects and pages of Public Netbase users

    Zero News Update 8. June 1995:

    The Public Netbase GuestBook, have a look and drop us a line

    Ms. Guidance on Fringe Politics Part I

    Zero News Update 2. June 1995:

    ZERO NEWS on:

    Keisuke Oki on "Decisions at the Speed of Electronic Circuits"



    23 June 1995, Linz

    Hochschule für Industrielle Gestaltung und @rs electronica 95

    Friday, 26.5.1995, 19.00 hours

    Public Netbase t0 at the DEPOT presents:

    Ulrike Gabriel, mediaartist (Germany)
    in discussion with Markus Wailand,critic (Vienna).

    Friday, 2. June 1995, 19.00 hours

    Public Netbase t0 at the DEPOT presents:

    Georg Frank, Philosopher, Architect, Nationaleconom (Germany)
    in discussionwith Doro Frank, Linguist Scientist (NL).

    Zero News Update 14. 5. 1995:

    Ms.Guidance on:

    E-zines and Online Journals

    Daily Online News

    E-Text and Online Books

    Women's Studies

    Women's Studies Part 2

    ZERO (and more about nothing)


    Kunst und soziales Handeln, Donnerstag 18. May 1995

    Palais Lichtenstein, Fürstengasse 1 A-1090 Wien

    14.00 -15.30: HYPERDEMOCRACY

    ab 21.00: RAVE GEGEN RECHTS

    mit DJ Pita, DJ Tin A 303, DJ Pure, Xaos und Konrad Becker, "Sensation" Live

    Zero News Update 1. 5. 1995:

    Ms.Guidance on E-Text and online books

    Zero News Update 23. 4.1995:

    Finally the transcripts of the opening events with Peter Lamborn Wilson, Derrick De Kerckhove and Mitsuhiro Takemura are available.
    Also a long diskussion between Hakim Bey and users of Public Netbase.

    Roundtable: "art & access"

    with Konrad Becker, Heidi Grundmann, Margarete Jahrman, Franz Manola, Markus Wailand and others.

    Tuesday 25.4.1995 18 hours
    Cafe Stein Währingerstr. 6-8 Vienna A-1090

    The PRIX ARS ELECTRONICA winners are:

    Ideas Futures
    Public Netbase

    (from ORF press release)

    First Prize: Ideas Futures http://skyler.arc.ab.ca/~jamesm/IF/IF.shtml
    Although it was not formally entered among the contestants, the jury felt
    compelled to propose IF for the first prize because it fulfilled the
    criteria of webness, distributed presence, community forming and
    supporting, powerful metaphorical value, and creation of sustainable
    virtual entities. The artistic content of IF may not be evident at first
    sight. But it is a model of a self organizing realtime collective
    thinking and information processing system. It deals with our collective
    creative power which is one of the best areas of creativity there is.

    IF is a working model of our future where scientific claims and artistic
    projects are treated as futures on the mercantile exchange system. Users
    buy and sell futures on these ideas. This is a new model for funding
    ventures and research programs. Like e-money but with much more
    complexity, this site is the best collective forward thinking process the
    jury has encountered on the web.

    Second Prize: Ringo++ http://ringo.media.mit.edu/
    Ringo is one of the most interesting social experiments that is available
    to anybody who accesses the web. A model of your musical taste, based on
    the preselection of your favorite artists allows Ringo to suggest other
    artists you may enjoy or wish to avoid. The system can compare your
    model with those of other users with whom you can then communicate on the
    basis of shared musical interest; complex group tastes profiles can be
    compiled and featured on-line.

    Third Prize: t0 - Public Netbase http://web.t0.or.at/t0/
    The importance of Netzines as a category cannot be overestimated.
    However the criteria to differentiate between simple magazines on-line
    and truly weblike varieties must include user input coupled with a self
    organizing database that works either on the chatline or the conference
    basis. Public Netbase was selected for three reasons.
    1. It was closer to the arts than a netzine like Hotwired, for example,
    2. It was more interactive than Tightrope
    3. Thanks to its hypermail concept, allowing users to send linked input
    using ordinary e-mail protocols it was conceptually closer to the heart
    than anything else we had seen in the zineworld.

    Opening Events Public Netbase:

    Friday, 17. 3. 1995
    19.00 hours, Depot

    "Temporary Autonomous Zone", "Sacred Drift"

    Co-editor of Semiotext(e)/Autonomedia, one of the most interesting publishing houses in the US. Author of studies in cultural science, radio personality and political activist. The popular writer of the postindustrial network culture is an untamed intellectual explorer at the fringes of everyday life.
    "Fascinating..." William S. Burroughs, Kathy Acker: "Deadcool.", Rudy Rucker: "Hard-core Dada-Surrealism...", Church of the SubGenius: "this has made us think...", Bob Black: "Tell it to the judge...", Allan Ginsberg: "exquisite..."

    Saturday, 18.3. 1995
    16.30 - 19.00 hours, Depot

    Afternoon talk with PETER LAMBORN WILSON

    Tuesday, 28. 3. 1995
    19.00 hours, Depot

    Director of the Mc Luhan Institute for Culture and Technology at the University of Toronto. His works on the effects of communication-media on the human nervous system include "Brainframes" and "The Alphabet and the Brain".

    New Media expert at Kyoto University, festival and exhibition curator. Member of the Board of InterCommunication Center Quarterly (ICC) Tokyo. Advisor to major telecommunication and media companies. Numerous publications on media esthetics and popular culture.

    Monday 20.3. 1995
    18.00 - 19.00 hours, Depot

    Public Netbase registration and introduction
    As of 20.3. 1995 every Monday 18.00 hours and by appointment

    Public Netbase t0 @ Depot

    Messepalast /Museumsquartier
    1070 Wien, Messeplatz 1
    Tel. u.Fax + 431 5226794
    Mon. - Fri. 14.00 - 19.00 Uhr