Ms. Guidance on Womenīs Studies Part 2

(guys, this is also for you... )

This is my list of favourite texts on Womenīs Issues ranging from humorous to historic books and articles.

Women, Women, Women, Women and Lots of Interesting Stuff,
Letīs hear the Voices of Great Women,
Women and the Net,
Menīs Point of View,

Women, Women, Women, Women and Lots of Interesting Stufff

Virtual Sisterhood

Go there in the fight for our right !!

A Girlīs Guide to Condoms

A "must" for everwoman from the age of 10 to 99. Enjoy safer sex with "love skins, slicks, wet suits, silk stockings, eight-by-two glossies"...

The Sabbath of Women

A slightly esoterical, but beautiful article, that should be read every 28 days or so.

Receiving the Message: Girls' Reading, Women's Lives

"Considering the messages implied by the Wonder Woman comic books, it is no wonder that I always felt like a failure physically. No one ever told me that I was beautiful and never once did I ever feel beautiful. And wasn't Wonder Woman so powerful in part just because of her beauty? I mean, would she had been Wonder Woman if she had been what my society would have termed short, fat, and ugly? Who would even want to read about such a person, let alone identify with her?"

Racial Differences in Women's Desires to Be Thin

Howīs your diet going these days ?

VOICE (of women) art projectThis seems to be one of the first interesting art projects dealing with women and the Net

Cartoonist Cathy Jacksonīs view of feminist activism

Webgrrls !!! That's it .

Frida Kahlo Online - archive

Looking for some very "female" photos and paintings ? Go for it, just donīt take them to your analyst...

Sadie Plant:


interviewed by the geekgirls

Searchable index of 500 notable women

Iīm not quite sure about itīs quality, but have your curiosity lead you. Or try this index of womenīs biographies.

Sex and the Cybergirl

Letīs fight the Cyberpigs !! Search a newsgroup at University of Illinois for the word "fuck".

electronic witches report

this is geeky, go for


Sex, Censorship and the Internet

A very "politically correct" and very well made page on policies concerning sex on the Internet and itīs censorship.

Mirror Images

A feminist gallery. A little commercialized, but isnīt that another step towards equality ???

Domino is playing with the dices ...

Looking for a good reason never to eat Dominoīs Pizza again ?
For more information on your choice click here .

Betty Friedan im Gespräch (sorry, this is german only)

Friedan: "Machen wir uns nichts vor: Eigentlich haben Männer es schlechter. Sie sterben früher, und wenn sie tot sind, dann nützen sie niemandem was."

John Stuart MILL The Subjection of Women

Didnīt you always long to hear what HE had to say about us ?

Is patriotism - to speak with Tolstoys words - "the principle that will justify the training of wholesale murderers " ?

George Sand - A Biography

" Her first books shocked people, her early opinions were greeted with storms. From that time forth she rushed head-long into everything new, she welcomed every chimera and passed it on to us with more force and passion in it. Vibrating with every breath, electrified by every storm, she looked up at every cloud behind which she fancied she saw a star shining. The work of another novelist has been called a repertory of human documents.
But what a repertory of ideas her work was !"

Men, Women, And Gods And Other Lectures by Helen H. Gardner

Published in 1885 this book is a rather radical critique of society :

Another argument is that if orthodox Christianity were not good for women they would not support and cling to it; if it did not comfort them they would discard it. In reply to that I need only recall to you the fact that it is the same in all religions. Women have ever been the stanchest defenders of the faith. the most bitter haters of an Infidel, the most certain that their form of faith is the only truth. Yet I do not hear this fact advanced to prove the divinity of the Koran or the book of Mormon. If it is a valid argument in the one case it is valid in the others.
The trouble with it is it proves too much. it takes in the whole field. It does not leave a weed from the first incantation of the first aborigine to the last shout of the last convert to Mormonism, out of its range; and it does, and always has done, just as good service for any one of the other religions as it does for ours. It is a free-for-all, go-as-you-please argument; but it is the sort of chaff they feed theological students on -- and they sift it over for women. It is pretty light diet when it gets to them -- but it is filling.

Maria or the Wrongs of Women by Mary Wollstonecraft

The Joys of Being a Woman and other Papers by Winifred (Margaretta) Kirkland (1872-1943)

published 1918, this one gives you a good laugh:

Not only for the moral advantages gained by men in supporting us do women preserve the fallacy of physical feebleness, but also for the spiritual exaltation men may enjoy by protecting us and rescuing us from perils. For this purpose it is quite unnecessary that the man should think the peril real, but it is absolutely necessary that he should think the woman thinks it real. It does a man more good to save a woman from a mouse than from a tiger, as contributing more to the sense of superiority so necessary to him. The truth is that women are not really afraid of anything, but they perceive how much splendid incentive would be lost to the world if they did not pretend to be. For example, if women were actually afraid of serpents, would the Tempter have chosen that form just when he wished to be most ingratiating? But think how many heroes would be unmade if women should let men know that they are perfectly capable of killing their own snakes. The universality of the mouse fear roves its prehistoric origin, showing how consistently and successfully women have been educating men in heroism; in earliest times it probably required a whole dinotherium ramping at the cave-mouth to induce primitive man to draw weapon in his mate's defense, but now to evoke the quintessence of chivalry, all a woman has to do is to hop on a chair at sight of a mouse.

Prose and Poetry of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

The works of a travelling woman who did not stick to traditional gender roles.

Women and Technology

Women and Computing Homepage

Links covering a very broad spectrum of women related topics, from technology to health care.

Gender Issues in Computer Networking

by Leslie Regan Shade - quite a good essay...

Women's Access to On-Line Disscusions about Feminism Ellen Balka

Web-sters' Net-Work: Women in Information Technology

Feminization of Cyberspace by Doctressa Neutopia

it might not be very scientific in the conventional way, but at least something new

eEllen Spertus: Why so few Women ?

extensive study on Women and Computer Sciences

Marketing Women on the Net :


Womenīs access to on-line discussions about feminism

A paper by Ellen Balka, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Iīm a stranger myself: A consideration of women in computing

by Janet Cottrell
Paper on cultural and social factors discriminating women in computing.

Women and computing at University of Maryland

A good collection of online mailing lists concerning womenīs issues.

Menīs Point of View

M.E.N. Magazine

There is no room for humor in the men's movement.

Men's Issues Page

Hereīs something about menīs greatest fear: powerful women.

Sex and Datingīs Latest Rules - according to the Menīs Issues Page

ATTENDING PERFORMANCES OF "ROMEO AND JULIET." London school official Jane "Hardman-Brown refused to take her students to see "Romeo and Juliet" on the grounds that it was a "blatantly heterosexual love story." (It's not clear whether Hardman-Brown wants the play rewritten to celebrate alternative lifestyles, or would prefer to have it banned altogether.)"

The Gender Bias Test - by Fred Hayward (Menīs Rights Inc. 1992)

If this is what men consider funny, we should really do as suggested above .

Men working to end Sexism and Violence

This is a rather comforting homepage, especially after reading Fredyīs Gender Bias Test

Miss M.