Ms. Guidance on Women´s Studies Part 1

(don´t stop reading because you´re male...)

This collection of links is intended to give an overview of available resources on different fields connected with Women´s Studies and women´s issues in general. Also check out:
Ms.Guidance on Women's Studies Part 2

General Resources and Lots of Links,
Resources on Women and Violence,
Resources in German,

General Resources and Lots of Links

University of Maryland Women´s Studies Database

A very good collection of resources on Women´s Studies in general. For articles, books and poetry from the academic to fiction make yourself comfortable in their Reading Room

The English Server´s resources on Gender and Sexuality

Like most of the stuff on The English Server a good starting point for further explorations...

The English Server on Feminism and Women´s Studies

Women´s Resource Project

Various links to University´s Women´s Studies programs and resources.

Ellen Spertus´ page on women in science, engineering and computing

Interesting articles on women´s problems in science and computing.
By the way check out her Meta - Index for Non-Profit Organizations for information in virtually every field.

Women Online Worldwide

Hosts a webzine, chat forums and much more...

The ADA Project

Resources on women in computing.
Check this one out for a grand picture of ENIAC and it´s users .

Minnesota´s women center

Minnesota´s women center containing information on topics ranging from housing to family to employment and career development, good source for organizations and their adresses.

Feminism Resources by Social Sciences Information Gateway (SOSIG)

Enter FEMINISM into the search engine and get a lot of good links ... featuring resources on women in islamic and african countries.

The Rampaging Web Metaphor and The Kassandra Project

Resources on 19th century German intellectuals, especially on Karoline von Günderrode .

ACM SIGMOD's collection of information on academic careers and academic life

Advices on how to obtain funding.

Resources on Women and Violence

SafetyNet Domestic Violence Resources

Statistics, adresses of shelters, etc.

Karra´s Korner

Site covering the issue of abuse and recovery with sensitivity and compassion.

University of Maryland´s response to Violence

Go there and get an insight into A Week in the Life of America .

Blain Nelson´s Abuse Pages - Gender Focus

Response to M.E.N.-Magazine on Domestic Violence

The National Rifles Association on Women´s Affairs.

Let´s jump on the train and get ourself a gun. Beware of Wild Women!!

Resources in German

Frauen an der Universität Bielefeld

Infos von Frauenbeauftragten bis zu nützlichen Hinweisen.

Martin Ramsch: Frauen in Gesellschaft und Studium

Zusammenstellung hilfreicher Hyperlinks und Hinweise zu lokalen Veranstaltungen.


On the Issues - Magazine

Magazine covering diverse women´s issues.

VOW Voices Of Women

A very colorful magazine of women´s spirituality and empowerment.


Feminist Film Reviews

Didn´t you always want to know what the Academics had to say about your favourite movie ??

For more LINKS to wonderful sites:
Ms.Guidance on Women's Studies Part 2

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