Ms. Guidance on E-Zines and Journals


      Wiretap List of e-zines

      These are collections of information by subject matter, good places to start when looking for information.


      _SPEED_ provides a forum for the critical investigation of technology, media, and society.


      By placing technology in the human context where it belongs, I hope to reaffirm the idea that the future can exist as an improvement on the past.

      Phrack Magazine

      Phrack Magazine is one of the longest running electronic magazines in existence. Since 1985, Phrack has been providing the hacker community with information on operating systems, networking technologies, and telephony, as well as relaying other topics of interest to the international computer underground.

      Mediamatic Home Page

      The Dutch media mag

        Peter Lamborn Wilson at Mediamatic, doors2-Page1

        Manuel De Landa at Mediamatic, Doors 2-Page1


      The digital art and philosophy journal.

      Postmodern Culture

      Published by North Carolina State University, Oxford University Press, and the University of Virginia's Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities.


      CTHEORY is an international, electronic review of books on theory, technology and culture. Sponsored by the Canadian Journal of Politicaland Social Theory, reviews are posted periodically of key books incontemporary discourse as well as theorisations of major "event-scenes"in the mediascape.


      Cultronix is a cultural studies journal available via the world-wide web. It makes use of a mixed format, with articles featuring text, graphics, audio, video and interactive hypermedia.


      is a plastic magazine; its content and layout will change without notice...keep watchin' this space for new stuff!


      Art journal From Zero System, Cyanosis is a medical term for flesh turning blue due to deficient oxygenation.

      Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research

      The MIT Press Journals

      Science & Technology, Architecture & Design, The Arts, Current Affairs & Social Sciences, Environmental Studies

      Libido The Journal of Sex and Sensibility

      They say they are different. Well, what other magazine can you think of that is sex-positive, gender-equal, and all embracing in terms of sexual orientation?

      News of the Weird Archives

      Contains a collection of Chuck Shepherd's News of the Weird articles.

      Fringe Ware Review our quarterly serving of essays, interviews, fiction, comix, mail art, tutorials and reviews from the Fringes. Unshaved Truths


      The Electronic Journal of Architecture


      An electronic newsletter devoted to all aspects of Cinema and New Media


      is an interactive magazine about typographic and visual language in an age of ever changing communications technology and media. Users are encouraged to take the given fonts as catalysts to their own experimentations

      World 3

      is about many things but, fundamentally, it is a space about how to use space to communicate. In it you'll find the thinking and experiments of some of the brightest hypermedia theorists and practitioners on the Internet.

      green Cart magazine

      is a multi-media art magazine dedicated to networking artists, and creating a universal platform for all arts. The goal is to help create a little feeling of global unity, by joining a lot of people together with creative expression

      bOING bOING

      Memetic Archives and Blueprints for the Flipside of Serious Culture

      Fineart Forum

      An electronic newsletter serving the art and technology community

      Hyperreal Zine Index

      Zines on, the SF rave-server

      Computer Underground Digest WWW Site

      News from the electronic frontiers on Cyberrights

      Der Spiegel

      The German weekly in excerpts


      An African American journal of politics art and culture from a distinctive, but not exclusively, African-American perspective


      Datum is a Dutch magazine for innovative developments in theatre, performance, media, visual art and literature. With English, German and Dutch version!

      Mother Jones

      Politically Correct?

      Playboy Home Page

      Yes, it's Playboy!

      Fortean Times On Line

      A magazin devoted to themes of the unforgetable Charles Fort...Unfortunately not a lot from the paper edition.

      The Boston Review

      The Boston Review is a broadly progressive bimonthly journal of culture and politics. The full text of recent issues of the Review is availible via this World Wide Web server on an experimental basis.

      Netsurfer Digest home page.

      Free email delivered E-Zine for netsurfer

      Kyodo News Home Page

      Online Publishing in Japan

      E zine archive, Univ. Michigan

      Electronic Newsstand Homepage

      Singapore Business Times

      Covert Action Quarterly

      Covert Action Quarterly has won numerous awards for investigative journalism. It is read around the world by investigative reporters, activists, scholars, intelligence buffs, news junkies, and anyone who wants to know the news and analysis behind the soundbites and headlines.
      Recommended by Noam Chomsky; targeted by the CIA.

      Journal of Electronic Defense Magazine

      Official Publication of the Association of Old Crows (you have to register!) March 96 Issue on SIGINT/ELINT. From ther questionaire:

      My organization is best described as:  (Enter a number in box or fill in "Other" box)
         1. Military / Government                           
         2. Military Systems Supplier
         3. Military Subsystems Supplier                    
         4. Component / Device Supplier
         5. Support / Instrumentation Equipment Supplier    
         6. Computer / EDP / Peripheral Supplier
         7. Engineering Services / Software

      Opening communications through dialogue and free media to people living in a state of WAR. US Domestic Covert Operations

      The Journal of Democracy

      Since its inception in 1990, the Journal of Democracy (maintained by the Johns Hopkins University Press) has become an influential international forum for scholarly analysis and competing democratic viewpoints.

      Left On Line

      E-zine on "sharing information and ideas, developing political agendas, and participating in a continuous town meeting of the progressive community."

      Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine

      Bad subjects

      The purpose of this publication is to provide a forum for an ongoing discussion about what an adequate leftist politics would be. Specifically, we hope to popularize a critical position from which people may challenge capitalism in both their thinking and their actions.

      Beware: Each article is supposed to offer a kind of lesson.

      On the Issues - Magazine

      Magazine covering diverse women´s issues.

      VOW Voices Of Women

      A very colorful magazine of women´s spirituality and empowerment.

      Body modification e-zine

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