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    A Luxemburg Goethe-Institut Project in cooperation with the 'Organisation-Commitee Cultural City Luxemburg'

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    Kyiv FreeNet

    Kyiv FreeNet, is the first public-access community Internet Service east of the Elbe. "We are a community network with the goal of promoting the free exchange of ideas and a sense of community."


    St. Petersburg Online

    Focus on Business and touristic matters

Netprojects related to Democracy

"New Democracy"

A political movement trying to reform and to rescue democracy.

Digital Sojourn

Anticipating the consequences of current disparities, Digital Sojourn is focused on increasing the participation of people of African descent in computer mediated communication.

Featuring resources for "inclusive" use of technology:
such as Serving the Community: A Public-Interest Vision Serving the Community
by Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility

Support Democracy in China is a volunteer community organization based in Silicon Valley.

See: Tiananmen 1989 - A pictorial history


The Center For Democracy and Technology, based in WashingtonDC.

"The Center's mission is to develop and advocate public policies that advance constitutional civil liberties and democratic values in new computer and communications technologies."

The electronic frountier foundation

The Action Alerts and special announcement archive gives you frequently updated information about the Internet Censorship Legislation, the Digital Telephony Surveillance Legislation and so on...

The Society for Electronic Access (SEA) "We believe that the world of computers and the communications links that bind their users together (cyberspace) should be open to everyone." Well, shure...but to be honnest their page is as interesting as the statement below

Libraries, Networks and Democracy:

Government and the People in an Electronic Age

Ressources in German

Mailboxnetzwerke Als Mittel Gesellschaftspolitischer Kommunikation

Studienarbeit von Heinz-Otto Hoppe am Institut fuer Journalistik der Universitaet Dortmund.

Journals, Articles, txt

The Journal of Democracy

Since its inception in 1990, the Journal of Democracy (maintained by the Johns Hopkins University Press) has become an influential international forum for scholarly analysis and competing democratic viewpoints.

Left On Line

E-zine on "sharing information and ideas, developing political agendas, and participating in a continuous town meeting of the progressive community."

Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine

Special focus: government and democracy online

A Plea for Understanding--Beyond False Dilemmas on the Net by Charles Ess

On Virtualizing Government: A Design Science Approach by Kirby Urner

...The current trend artificially impoverishes government and the political life by not seriously exploiting the advantages of cyberspace. Predictably, government websites treat the browser as they would a member of the public happening to visit one of the federal buildings in Washington DC...

What is the "weapon of openness" and why is it the best weapon of a democracy?

by Arthur Kantrowitz from Dartmouth College

Democracy ressources by Herbert Hrachovec at Philosophy Dept. of Vienna University

    1. Charles Ess: A Plea for Understanding--Beyond False Dilemmas on the Net
    2. Fiona Steinkamp: The Ideology of the Internet
    3. Paul Treanor: Why Democracy is Wrong

On the Duty of Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau
    published 1849 original title: Resistance to Civil Goverment

-"That government is best which governs not at all"

Cyberocracy is Coming by David Ronfeldt

Multi-Nationals as the New World Order by Rebecca Crowley

The Noam Chomsky Archive

    Listen to what Noam has to say on the topic of "Prospects of Democracy" (audio)

    "Chomsky has been unrelenting in his attacks on the American hierarchy... [He] is up there with Thoreau and Emerson in the literature of rebellion." - Rolling Stone
    Noam Chomsky on the political impact of our new information technologies

Democracy & The Internet

"What is the nature of democracy on the internet?" An XL Collection of articles, links...

    Electronic Democracy Toolkit by Howard Rheingold

    (Click) An excerpt from: Richard A. Lanham´s The Electronic Word: Democracy, Technology and the Arts"

Political Science Virtual Library

Many useful links


Bibliography: Democracy and The Internet: Most of the proposals do not discuss the two topics together, but they might help develop the framework.

Click here for Insights about using the Internet for grassroots democracy


The Left Side of the Web

For reasons of objectivity check out The Right Side of the Web, if it wasn't serious, it could be real fun.

Governmental Information delivered by the State University of New York at Buffalo

Including the CIA Factbook of the world

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