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RE: (rx7) [1] [2] Warning New Ford Escor(rx7) [1] [2] Warning New Ford Escort!

Has anyone seen the new Ford Escort ZX2 in May's issue of Motor Trend (p.
110).  They claim this thing can do 0-60 in 7.4 sec. and out slalom the
C5!!  Can this be true??  A stupid FORD ESCORT doing better than my RX-7???=

 Even though I don't ever race my 7, (please don't flame me!!) I still have=

my pride!!  I can't let this happen.  Can a performance exhaust with a high=

flow cat get my 0-60 down that much?  I am quite embarrassed that an
ECONOMY car could be quicker than my 7.  Sorry to ramble.......I am just
stunned  :-(

Brian Murray

87 SE Stock

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