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surfin' (fwd)

Author's Note:
	If you are interested in receiving my cumulative listing of UFO (and/or
non-UFO) websites from *previous* installments of "Surfin'": let me know.
 --Pat <pwelsh@nwu.edu>



	The current issue of "Paths of Light" (#56) is filled with
physical time-travel stories, as they happened to Naomi Albright and her
family (*very psychic* people, even the car/horses they're riding on goes
with them).
	Naomi also sells self-published books about angels, protection dolls,
other spiritual teachings, and her fascinating life (she's the daughter of
the woman--L. Taylor Hansen?--who wrote about Jesus' journeys in America).
Naomi's home is called Angel Walk/Monastery for the Followers of Light.
She's been a regular participant at Leo Sprinkle's Rocky Mountain UFO
	Subscriptions to "Paths of Light" cost $15.00 for U.S. residents; $18.00
for Canada and other countries: Angel Walk F.O.L., P.O. Box 1027, Riverton,
WY 82501; (307) 856-7365.


It surprised me to find this message in Microsoft Word's Tip of the Day:
"DID YOU KNOW: Plaid shirts and striped pants rarely make a positive
fashion statement?"



>From the 1997-04 issue of "Mini-AIR" (The mini-Annals of Improbable
Research <http://www.improb.com/>):


	"We are pleased to announce our SCIENTIFIC CORRECTNESS SURVEY #3. 
	"In previous surveys we settled the questions "Did Dinosaurs and Humans
live at the same time?" and "Is faster-than-light travel possible?"  These
definitive answers will considerably simplify the teaching of science, and
will also justify much of the science facts that are reported in the
general media. It will also cut down considerably on the amount of paper
that is wasted on needless debate of scientific questions that could be

[167 lines left ... full text available at <url:http://www.reference.com/cgi-bin/pn/go?choice=message&table=04_1997&mid=4546778&hilit=UFO> ]

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Subject: New Spaceship Art and Free UFO gifs