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Re: hedge relief: design questionRe: hedge relief: design question

On Mon, 28 Apr 1997, connie hoy wrote:

> Sharon Stewart wrote:
> >
> > Last weekend I planted a bunch of Simplicity roses (from Jackson &
> > to act as a hedge. They are supposed to grow fast and be disease
> >  I saw them at our local arboretum and they were gorgeous and the staff
> > highly recommended them (everblooming also).  I'm keeping my fingers
> > crossed.
> These are incredible roses (although they may out grow your area as
> visualized)
> and now they have yellow as well as pink and red.
> Connie

I've seen these roses in three-packs in local outlets (including
supermarkets!!) but I have to say that I am a sceptic re: the
no-maintenance claims. First of all, in my experience, there is absolutely
no such thing as a no-maintenance plant--and I like it that way. Second,
one of the important principles of organic growing is employ diversity
when possible as a means to reducing insect and disease problems. Third, I
am a psycho gardener--I could never be happy to plant lots and lots of
just one thing! :-O

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