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Re: Art Bell, Blood On His Hands

> <snip> After these suicides, [Art Bell whipping up 
> this hysteria <snip>.

> I think that he truly is now being lead by satan. 

You must be "JC" the "Devil's Mouthpiece" caller.

You are the one with the "hysteria."

> and I think his role in the upcoming Armeggedon 
> will be to further and further promote and whip 
> up people's insanity <snip>

Yes, it does seem like you have Art Bell pictured in
that "mind" of yours as, perhaps, well at least nearly,
the "Antichrist," himself.

> and push them further and further into the occult...

Oh, my gosh, the "occult," so we should all shiver and
shake, now, huh?

Well, the new champion of alt.fan.art-bell, seems to me
to be another of "Devil's Mouthpiece" accusers of 
Art Bell, one of the "fundamentalist fanatics."

Well, you people in afa-b will accept anything.  You
have a hard time getting supporters.

              More on the "FACTS ABOUT THE FAQS"
                           of alt.fan.art-bell

              Just go to YAHOO

              type in

              Bruce Daniel Kettler 

> ...shows me that Bell has firmly chosen the wrong side...

Yes, like the fundamentalist materialist, (so-called 
"skeptic") the fundamentalist Christian walks 
side-by-side with their EITHER-OR mentality.

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