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NUA What's New: April 97NUA What's New: April 97

Welcome to another addition of the monthly "Whats New" newsletter.
First and foremost Nua has welcomed three new members of staff into her
arms. These are Denise, Sorcha and Daev. Denise will be doing Project
Management work, Sorcha is the new Nua Webmaster, God Bless Her,  and The
Reverend Hellshaw aka Daev will be producing a weekly article "Blather"
suspected to comprise the Reverends musings on aliens, the paranormal and
indeed unidentified flying objects. What have aliens got to do with
Internet Developement and Consultancy? Post your subscribtions and find out.

Modest Proposals, a new bi-weekly column on popular culture, which aims to
encourage new and deeper thinking on the pressing cultural issues of the
day has also been launched. Written by David Moore, Information Manager at
Nua, it has already acquired itself a solid fanbase. This weeks issue,
written in San Fransisco, where David is pretended to do work for a few
days,  theorises on the similarity of unrequited love as depicted in
Ballykissangel and Hamish McBeth. Pure Pop -Ular.
David is encouraging his readers to become involved in each issue so dont
be afraid to post your opinions

Nua Internet Surveys are becoming unstopably famous.  Cited in this months
"Internet Business" magazine to be the best source of internet information
in Europe and with subscibers to the newsletter totalling 12000 it only
remains to win the Eurovision Song Contest next week.

New Thinking had a guest contributer this week in the form of Frank O'
Dywer whose article on Microsofts clever habit of making users pay for
software that you can never really own. It has recieved lots of interesting

The Nua Website herself is undergoing a slow and painful facelift. But
she'll look a million dollars once she's done....with  a new background
colour, a new younger looking, wrinkle free, and user friendly homepage

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