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Re: NewbieNewbieNewbieNewbieNewbie

 On 29 Jun 1996 16:41:05 GMT, Lee Bailey wrote:
 >I'm not a newbie to the net, but I am new to getting unsolicited e-mail.
 >And I don't like it. 
 >I looked for the FAQ but for some reason was unable to connect to the 
 >site from my usual web page <> so I am 
 >posting here.
 	Here is the most recent FAQ:
 Archive-name: net-abuse-faq/part1
 Posting-Frequency: thrice monthly
                                THE NET ABUSE FAQ
     Last Updated: Wednesday, May 29, 1996 -- 00:50 EST
      NOTE: Many parts of this FAQ are still out of date. Before I
 took it
      over, it had not been updated since November of 1995. Please
 send me
      any suggestions or corrections.
      1.1) What is, and why was it created?
      1.2) What is, and why was it
      1.3) What is net-abuse?
      1.4) What is the purpose of this FAQ?
      1.5) What questions does it leave unanswered?
      1.6) Who's responsible for this FAQ?
      1.7) Where can I get it?
      1.8) Is this the only Net Abuse FAQ?
      1.9) I don't understand a word of this.
      2.1) What is Spam?
      2.2) What is Excessive Multi-Posting (EMP)?
      2.3) What about cross-posting?
      2.4) Where did the term come from?
      2.5) Tell me about the Great Spammers.
      2.6) Who were Canter and Siegel?
      2.7) Where can I get more info on them?
      2.8) What should we do about the book?
      2.9) Who is Cancelmoose
      2.10) Who are the current spam cancellers?
      3.1) Yeah, but how many times is 'X'?
      3.2) What is the Breidbart Index (BI)?
      3.3) What is NoCeM?
      3.4) Is there a blacklist of net-abusers?
      3.5) How can I tell if a post is forged?
      3.6) How do I know when I've got spam on my hands?
      3.7) My group is full of crap. Why isn't it being cancelled?