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FOX to crackdown on Copyright infringement

 On 27 Jun 1996, in <4qsrfu$>, Andre 
 Bridget, discussing the FOX crackdown on copyright infringement, 
 <much snipped>
 >The problem has arisen because the X-Philes didn't know they 
 >weren't intitled to put the images and sounds they had downloaded 
 >from the main FOX X-FILES Website.
 Perhaps if the X-Philes had Lurked for a while, they'd have 
 learned the elementary fact that _everything_ on the Internet/WWW 
 (except ideas, carefully re-phrased, and abstract information or 
 data) is, in fact, copyrighted by the originator, and cannot be 
 legally reproduced (with the probable exception of one copy for 
 personal use) without express permission unless it bears a 
 specific statement to the contrary.  
 [As an Aside: I, personally, believe that this Law is.often 
 Morally/Intellectually Wrong when applied to applications that 
 make no profit for the infractor and result in no significant loss 
 or damage to the copyright-holder, and I sometimes take a rather liberal
 (if not anarchistic) view in re. fanzine material.] 
 I don't know if the "X-Philes" are grossly ignorant, stupid, 
 lying, or crusadingly anarchistic... though it is my opinion that 
 the FOX people were being dreadfully stupid (a common attribute of
 Corporate Entities) in taking the action they seem to have done.  
 Note that the copyright bit mentioned above actually applies, 
 also, to everything Posted to Usenet NewsGroups.  There 
 is obviously a sort of common understanding that material posted 
 here may be freely quoted (in the Group to which it was originally 
 Posted), with proper attribution, but this appears to have no 
 legal standing, or is not yet embodied in Case Law.  Clearly, 
 rigid enforcement of this law would result in the MeltDown (TM 
 Mpls. fandom) of most of The Internet As We Know It, and I suppose 
 the statutes will eventually be modified or clarified, but 
 meanwhile... it takes Real Knuckleheads to fail to realize that 
 anything from a Professional creator is private property.  (And note
 that, despite the assertion of at least one fan, some lawyers have
 indicated that unauthorized duplications do not become legal just because
 they include the original copyright notice.)
 Don Fitch