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Re: "Deja News": massive copyright outlaws?

 J.D. Baldwin wrote:
 > In article <4php6f$>, Mark Phaedrus
 > <> wrote, quoting Lee S. Bumgarner
 > <>:
 (snip interesting argument)
 >  From the catapult of J.D. Baldwin  |+| "If anyone disagrees with anything I
 >    _,_    Finger |+| say, I am quite prepared not only to
 >  _|70|___:::)=}-  for PGP public    |+| retract it, but also to deny under
 >  \      /         key information.  |+| oath that I ever said it." --T. Lehrer
 > ***~~~~-----------------------------------------------------------------------
 I would think a better analogy would be a "letter to the editor."  You can 
 write your missive on politics to the newspaper, and anyone can get a copy, 
 almost forever.  You have no special claim.  Just think of a post, as a 
 letter to the editor to every newspaper in the world.