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Re: Carrying my canoe on a Ford Windstar

 Mike G (you@somehost.somedomain) writes:
 > The problem is Yakima/Thule say the canoe will rip the roof off my minivan, 
 > regardless of whether I use my factory rack, their adaptor for the factory 
 > rack, or their custom clips. Anyone prove them right/wrong? Suggestions? 
 > Considering the drive, I would hate to get part way there and decide it's not 
 > working.  Thanks....
 The factory racks are attached to sheet metal.  So you want to use a real
 rack -- not an adapter on the factory racks -- or be sure that the rack is
 just to keep it from sliding around on the paint and tie the canoe very
 firmly to the vehicle itself.  I use a real rack on my Caravan, not the
 factory rack.
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