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Re: Take apart poles (was- Re: Poling video tape?)

 Tim Hewitt ( writes:
 > Shawn Burke wrote:
 > [clip]
 >> I've never seen a take-apart pole.  I'd worry about the junction(s)
 >> coming apart in the middle of a rapid.
 > I've seen two and they were not that impressive. They were not commerically 
 > available either. One was made of fiberglass in sections and was VERY springy. 
 > It locked into place with those little button locks and if you slid these 
 > through your hands they really hurt. 
 > The second was aluminum and the joint was basically the same as the pole end - 
 > delrin and a bolt/nut combination (bolt in one end, nut in the other) so you 
 > screwed it together. It had been used fairly hard and was still in reasonable 
 > shape, but the pole had a definate kink in it at the center and the owner was 
 > not really happy with the arrangement. I would not use that pole in a river 
 > with a loaded tripping canoe, but it would be fun in an empty boat I suppose.
 I have a 3-part pole.  It was built as a prototype and is not really
 great, beinng of toolight guage aluminum and too large (1.25") diameter. 
 It is extremely handy to be able to tuck it down in the canoe, in pieces,
 and use it when you want it.
 The jounts are a bit of a nuisance to the hands.  (Right now they leak
 too!!)  But you get used to being careful.  I find that, with its two
 joints, it is not all that springy.
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