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Re: Song: "Loathe You Inside Out!," Oola's Final Rebuke to Jabba the Hutt

 HAPPY SAID "I don't really want to get involved but i think that this is
 just plain
 rude.  If you don't like stuff then fine, but don't go pissing all over
 it.  :("
 I'm not pissing on anyone, I'm just stating my opinion.  James is about as
 funny as a heart attack.  He has harrassed several members of the
 newsgroup over a stupid thread regarding the almighty "Sanctuary Moon
 Debate", and suffers from severe delusional paranoia and a medically
 unstable persecution complex.   AOL warned him to stop contacting those of
 us he was bothering through e-mail, and saw through the way he twists
 things to censor and shut up anyone with dissenting opinions.  You are
 welcome to your opinion of Mr. King, but when defending him be sure you
 have your facts straight so that you can make an educated decision as to
 why someone like myself is not amused by his stupid "parody" songs.
 (waiting for e-mail from Reuben Kincaid)