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Re: Americanisms

 Dave Romm wrote:
 > Really?  Than this is an A/E difference. 'Elastic' for belt...
 No, elastic for elastic.
 > > They might, however, wear a belt with trousers, or a skirt.
 > And trousers are different than pants... how?  Why does a skirt 
 > need a belt?
 Trousers are trousers.  Pants are underpants.  Which I find really 
 annoying, because I cannot bring myself to call jeans "trousers", but 
 I've run into sentences where I wanted to distinguish them specifically 
 from skirts/dresses and not really been able to find the right 
 construction.  And to make matters worse, saying "blue jeans" is also 
 American - here they are just "jeans".
 A. Carol
 Feminists Against Censorship
 "[La Prensa] accused us of suppressing freedom of expression.
 This was a lie and we could not let them publish it."
 - Nelba Blandon, Interior Ministry of Censorship, quoted in
 the New York Times, 1984.