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Re: Americanisms

 Patrick Nielsen Hayden wrote:
 > While of course it's impossible to prove a negative, I flatly don't 
 > believe this story, because I don't believe in a "roadside diner on
 > a reservation out West" that serves a "Happy Hunting Ground Beef
 > Burger."
 > How to put it?  This is about as likely as a working-class pub in 
 > Yorkshire offering a menu featuring a "Merrie Olde England Pint."
 No, it's worse.  Think about where a "Happy Hunting Ground" burger would 
 come from.  Might as well call it "Corpse-meat.  I think it would be a 
 bit more like, "Merrie Olde England Pint of Piss."
 A. Carol
 Feminists Against Censorship
 "[La Prensa] accused us of suppressing freedom of expression.
 This was a lie and we could not let them publish it."
 - Nelba Blandon, Interior Ministry of Censorship, quoted in
 the New York Times, 1984.