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Wong has burned his bridges

 Stanford Wong has provided "links" from his 21BJ
 page to other sources in the wonderful world of
 blackjack. Even though his links are very 
 interesting venues, he decided to leave us out
 at! It is very disappointing that Wong(who
 was a great contributor to this newsgroup) decided
 to ignore us with his link.
 When Wong proposed his page , he promised he would
 not censor any post that would contribute to the
 betterment of playing blackjack. Well my friends,
 he did just that with me.
 I posted a response about pet peeve's about dealer's,
 and he erased it. The issue  I raised was the insecerity
 of dealers saying "good luck" to us. The original
 poster asked this question and Wong saw fit to
 flush both of us!
 I, as you, should be outraged at the disrespect that
 Wong has given us. How dare he use this newsgroup
 to recruit suckers(He is asking $595.00/yr. for his
 black page) without giving back to us with a link
 from his web page to