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Re: anonymity & honesty

 benski <> wrote:
 >I read the massage form " ... my little niece" and felt the same way 
 >you did. But I rather put up with it than censor the net. Look how 
 >many more clean messages there are. Out of about 6000 postings I 
 >only saw that one dirty piece of mail. Any way, I responded to him 
 >with: "about your niece: why don't you ask your mother and father. 
 >They may have a clue." Not very nice ey?
 It is about as nice an answer as a spamming troll like that individual
 By the way, if you respond to a message like that, delete the names of
 the inappropriate news group from the list of recipients, or you
 merely perpetuate the offending header.
 >Which brings me to your other question. Right after I posted the 
 >responce and saw my name next to it I felt pretty dumb. why 
 >broadcast my real name for wierdos. A nick name or even Email 
 >address is OK with me. So I went back I figured out how to remove 
 >the message (I think). I hope I did it in time.
 >If you have a Netscape brouser there is a way to send messages 
 >anonymously. In the WINDOWS menu (top right on the tool bar for 
 >a Mac) there is an item called something like NEWS 
 >PREFERENCES. Select IDENTITY there and change your name 
 >and or user name to a nickname
 Another good reason to have only your user or nick name in listed.  If
 you have your full name listed you should happen to mention the city
 or often even just the state in which you live you phone number and
 address  can be obtained either from on line phonebook sites or by
 calling Information.
 I got one phone call that way, then changed all Identity references.
 >Happy surfing. But be careful.