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Re: anonymity & honesty

 I read the massage form " ... my little niece" and felt the same way 
 you did. But I rather put up with it than censor the net. Look how 
 many more clean messages there are. Out of about 6000 postings I 
 only saw that one dirty piece of mail. Any way, I responded to him 
 with: "about your niece: why don't you ask your mother and father. 
 They may have a clue." Not very nice ey?
 Which brings me to your other question. Right after I posted the 
 responce and saw my name next to it I felt pretty dumb. why 
 broadcast my real name for wierdos. A nick name or even Email 
 address is OK with me. So I went back I figured out how to remove 
 the message (I think). I hope I did it in time.
 If you have a Netscape brouser there is a way to send messages 
 anonymously. In the WINDOWS menu (top right on the tool bar for 
 a Mac) there is an item called something like NEWS 
 PREFERENCES. Select IDENTITY there and change your name 
 and or user name to a nickname.
 Happy surfing. But be careful.