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Inappropriate crossposting -- *AGAIN*

 Mailed to and
 The following article was inappropriately crossposted to the
 newsgroups soc.women and alt.feminism.  It is offensive in nature and
 an insult to the readers of soc.women and alt.feminism.  This is not
 the first time I have complained to about this kind of activity coming
 from your user, James G. Keegan Jr.
 I am extremely disappointed that Wizvax wishes to be seen as a haven
 for troublemakers and disruptive influences.  Seeing as your user,
 James Keegan, has in the past taken excessive measures against people
 who disagree with him, I am once again compelled to strongly admonish
 the laxity with which Wizvax conducts itself in managing its users.
 Understand that I have absolutely no problem with your user basically
 calling me a rapist in a public place; if I was much concerned with
 that I'd simply sue him.  I do, however, have a very *big* problem
 with your user engaging in this activity after having gone to
 considerable effort to censor others previously.  References to these
 events is available if you deem it relevant, if indeed you bother to
 take action to control your user's misbehavior at *all*.
 As before, it may be brought to your attention that I have chosen to
 reply to your user in the newsgroups he initially chose to
 inappropriately crosspost to.  Again, how my provider decides to
 handle that is up to them.
 And as before, Mr. Shetron, as long as you are listed as the
 administrative contact for Mr. Keegan's site, you shall recieve a copy
 of these complaints.
 Mr. Keegan's post is appended here:
 From: (james g. keegan jr.)
 Newsgroups: talk.abortion,alt.flame,soc.women,alt.feminism
 Subject: is zanca suggesting rape??
 Date: Sat, 29 Jun 96 15:52:59 GMT
 Organization: t.s.a.k.c.
 Lines: 12
 Message-ID: <4r3jgr$>
 References: <>
 <4mvp9a$> <4nd14d$>
 <4nt299$m0d@vixen.c <4or960$>
 <> <4p30g9$>
 <hausmannDsJMrM.1M1@netcom.c <4qvfgn$>
 Xref: talk.abortion:322193 alt.flame:293838
 soc.women:224916 alt.feminism:192594
 In article <>, (The Prince of Lies) wrote to nora peal:
 : If I want anything out of you, I'll just simply fucking well take it.
 following in your pal taite's footsteps, i see.
    "I would support legalizing rape simply so that people
     would further connect the current disintegration of
     society with feminism."