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Re: I've aliased out (was: Re: Reminder - ...

 In article <>, (Stephen
 "speedbump" Boursy) wrote:
 <lots of inane rants deleted>
 >         Chris Lewis is a censor by nature--a liar and a forger with
                                              ^^^^^^              ^^^^
 > no regard the truth.  By the way--I read many earthlink posts--this
 > is only being done by a few small time owner occupied mickey mouse
 > providers but it's the mindset that is disturbing.
 "A liar...with no regard for the truth" - perfect description of da
 'bump.  Boursy, you've been caught in more lies than I can count.  You
 make up "facts" to discredit your opponents, try to ignore evidence to the
 contrary when it's presented, and then procede to tell yet another
 outrageous whopper.  Oldtimers know your lack of credibility, but newbies
 could use a little background about your tendency to be fast and loose
 with the truth.  That's my job.  Learn to live with it.
 Ed Foster