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Re: Kill all nazi censors. (Thundar the Barbarian) wrote:
 >Thundar has a particular distaste for those wishing to censor what people
 >watch, read, listen, think or write. Governments and individuals who think
 >they have the right to alter or control these natural rights should be
 >subject to the utmost in horrific violence and pure vengeance. The blood of
 >tyrants is a sweet nectar, and should be drunk often.
 >Thundar is on a never-ending quest to rid this worthless planet of those out
 >to destroy any form of free expression. A dark endless future of pain,
 >degradation and torment is all that awaits those that dare enforce their
 >prosaic wills on others. 
 >Thus spoke Zarathustra.
 What a poor coward who's scared of using his real name and his real
 email address in a public board. I wonder how much shit he would post
 if people knew who he is.
 Thomas Beck,