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Re: Nyikos!!! Look! Look!

  <4r1b99$> <> (The Prince of Lies) writes:
 >In <4r1b99$>,
 > (peal nora c) wrote:
 >| (The Prince of Lies) writes:
 >|>In <4qvfgn$>,
 >|> (peal nora c) wrote:
 >|>| (The Prince of Lies) writes:
 >|>You could start by explaining why Jimmy types in all lower case.  
 >|To piss Net.Capitalization.Cops like you off, of course.
 >And that's also the reason he frequently garbles the spelling of every
 >third word?  And seems to change personalities in mid-sentence?
 See how it works?
 >|Now, have a  Be sure to stamp your feet
 >|and wail...
 >You seem to want me to have a  Why is that?  Why do you
 >want me to stomp my feet and wail.
 You seem to want me to want you to have a  Why
 is that?  Do you like the idea of me wanting to see you stomp
 your feet and wail?
 If so, you'd best get over it.  Tantrums I can get from
 my two-year-old.
 >|>It's been proven that he _does_ have a working shift key.  
 >|>Why doesn't he use it correctly?  Doesn't he know how?
 >|Gee you're easy.
 >Maybe I am at that.  But I'm not a slut.
 That's not what I hear.
 >|And, as it obviously irritates you - I'm sure keegan will be happy.
 >You think that irritating me makes Jimmy happy?  
 At least as happy as he would be over a healthy bowel movement.
 >What a sad life he must lead if he cares even that much.
 If you were nicer to your bowels you wouldn't be
 so net.anal.retentive.
 >|>|>Are you a clinical psychologist?  
 >|>I didn't think so.
 >|You think? (wow! there's that flying pig again!)
 >[BOOM!]  [thump.]
 Watch out - he had a brother, and I hear he's mad.
 >|>|But I could pretend to be one on the net.  
 >|>And many do.  Nobody falls for it when they try it, so you're wise to
 >|>avoid it yourself.
 >|Thank you.
 >You're ever so welcome!  
 And I'll take advantage of that.  Count on it.
 >Now we can discount any psychological
 >judgements or observations you might make for the rest of your life,
 >since if you suddenly start issuing them, we can just call you a
 Since everyone knows you're the Prince of Lies it
 doesn't really matter what you call me, does it.
 >See how it all just falls into place, when you're on the other side of
 >a word from me?