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Re: NO PERSONALS IN SOC.SINGLES (was Re: Looking For Mom!)

 In article <4r0f2q$>,
 Richard Evans <> wrote:
 >Bill Kolstad ( wrote:
 >: Look if you really must display the fact that you need your diapers 
 >: changed please do so in one of the groups more appropriate to your needs.  
 >: This is a discussion group not a sex fetish pick up line.
 >What exactly is wrong with posting this sort of thing in this newsgroup.
 >Most single people are looking for other single people, so why not
 >say what type of person you are looking for.
 Because it's gauche to jump into the middle of a discussion (Imagine a
 conversation oriented party at someone's house, or the meeting of a 
 discussion group at a church/college or community center as RL analogies 
 here) with loud requests for sex. 
 You wouldn't do that there, so don't do it here.  You'd put an ad in the 
 personals pages, so do that here.  On usenet, the personals pages are 
 alt.personals.* and
 >I thaught the internet was about free speach, and I get tired of
 >people complaining about other people just saying what they think.
 I get tired of people defending off-topic noise and plain gauchery in the
 name of free speech.  Nobody is attempting to censor your friend Jason --
 Bill merely directed him to an appropriate forum when he might receive a
 positive response rather than simple ridicule.