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 Hi All,
      The web page has been changed.  The
 Westboro Baptist Church heading has been removed and replaced with
 a comment about it being ANTIPAS's home page.  All the same stuff
 is still there.
      I posted comments regarding the inappropriateness of this web page
 to the ksu comment page:
      And I got a quick response indicating this was an unnofficial web
 page and that it might be offensive but they did not censor...  I responded
 again suggesting they might think about changing their policy.
      I am asking all of you to take the time to comment to ksu.  You do
 not have to give your e-mail address.  Posting can be anonymous.  You will
 not get a response if you post anonymously.  If enough of us bring pressure
 on ksu, maybe they will shut down this page.
 Denise Simon