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Re: Safer: UK Football or Rifle Competition? (Was: Guns Save Lives!

 David Johnston <> wrote:
 ]Clayton_Cramer <> writes:
 ]>David Johnston wrote:
 ]>> In article <4qq3o4$> (Chris Morton) writes:
 ]>> >Look up the place name "Manzanar".  I don't need any other reason.
 ]>> >I'll never be unarmed as long as the U.S. government is armed.
 ]>> Wow. I bet they're crapping themselves over in the White House right now:
 ]>> "Hey, Bill, did you know that Chris Morton is armed?"
 ]>> "Holy shit, you're kidding me!!!! We'd better call off that UN-Commie takeover
 ]>> of the US right now!!"
 ]>No one is worried about Chris.  But if Chris, and I, and a million
 ]>others all decided one day to destroy the U.S. government, the
 ]>results would be somewhat worrisome.  The government would probably
 ]>win -- but the tactics required to win would probably destroy their
 ]>credibility with the population.  Waco (where at least part of the
 ]>blame can be placed on Koresh's weird ideas) and Ruby Ridge (pure
 ]>government SNAFU) severely damaged the credibility of our government
 ]>with easily 1/3 of the population.  Do you suppose that carpet bombing
 ]>cities would leave any credibility left at all?
 ]You are seriously paranoid. You think your own government is going to carpet 
 ]bomb it's own cities? 
 No. That is one of the more popular counterclaims put forth by those who
 think an armed populace can't stop a tyrannical government. Usually, they
 define the 'tyrant' in question as something that sounds like the love
 child of Emperor Palpatine and President Servilan. 
 ]And that 1 million gun-totin' good ol' boys are going to 
 ]organise themselves to stop them? 
 If they start sabotaging air bases to prevent further sorties? That might 
 not take a million people to accomplish, or require much coordination. 
 ]Get a grip - the US is not heading for a 
 ]police state and Clinton is not Mussolini.
 Clinton may not be Mussolini, but I wouldn't be too sure about the police
 state part. I am NOT comfortable with the anti-terrorism laws in my
 country, or the recent attempts to censor the Internet. Pardon me, if I 
 do not wish to step in that direction.
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