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Re: Question for FordaT

 Dirk A. Loedding wrote:
 > [Originally posted 5/15, reposted due to ISP glitch]
 > In article <4kgvrs$>,
 > Theron Fuller  wrote:
 > [snip]
 > >When Joe Straczynski suggests that anyone who has been "abused" by Ford
 > >Thaxton, should contact America On Line and ask them to take action
 > >against Ford, dozens of sheep do just that.
 > I trust you have proof that AOL received dozens of complaints about Ford
 > within a few days of Joe's post?  Can you prove that any given complaint
 > was a direct result of Joe's post?
 > >And they filled his e-mail box with hate messages.
 > Again...proof?  Did Ford forward all the hate-mail he received that was
 > a direct result of Joe's posting?  Can he prove that any given piece of
 > e-mail was a direct result of Joe's posting?
 > You're probably right about both of these...but just saying it's so, and
 > proving your allegations are two separate things.  I'd like to see proof
 > that JMS is capable of starting a stampede, as you keep saying, over and
 > over and over again.
 > >Joe Straczynski asks his fans to contact their stations and voice
 > >support for Babylon 5, the fans respond in droves.
 > So what exactly is wrong with that?
 > >Joe Straczynski asks his fans to contact America On Line and tell them
 > >to censor Ford off the Internet, same response.
 > Nice analogy...and probably true...but, let's see some proof that this
 > has happened.  For one thing, I still see Ford posting.  I see no
 > evidence whatsoever that AOL received any complaints...or if they did,
 > they certainly don't appear to have done anything about those alleged
 > complaints.
 Well, whether you choose to believe me or not, I emailed Ford after
 Straczynski's dirty power play to discover just what was going on.
 Ford wrote to me that he contacted AOL sysops and discovered he was
 on sound footing with them because his post violated nothing. And yes,
 angry complaints were lodged at Straczynski's behest.
 You can confirm it with Ford, but do it by email. This is all water
 under the bridge.