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FAQ: Archive (2/2) (reader recommendations)

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                   Selected Reader Recommendations
                            (Part 2/2)
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 (part 2/2)
 10. Pharaoh Akhenaton/Ikhnaton
 11. Lancasterian or Yorkish View on Richard III
 12. Judge Dee Mysteries
 13. U.S. Revolutionary Wars
 10. Pharaoh Akhenaton/Ikhnaton
 Carter Lupton:
 There are so many. I have at least two dozen major fictional pieces on 
 Akhenaten at home, ranging from a Russian novel of the '20s to 
 Agatha Christie's play written in the '30s to Philip Glass's '80s 
 opera through a sci-fi/fantasy approach that appeared about two months
 ago. All have different points of view, philosophically and historically.
 Rather than try to identify the "best", I'll suggest some of the more
 intriguing: Allen Drury's "A God Against the Gods" and its sequel "Return
 to Thebes"; Agatha Christie's "Akhnaton"; Pauline Gedge's "The Twelfth
 There was even a musical play called "Nefertiti" produced in Chicago in
 the '70s, but I've never tracked down a program on it.
 Additional titles of interest include Joseph in Egypt, part of Thomas 
 Mann's Joseph & His Brothers quartet, which sets the Biblical Joseph in 
 the reign of Akhenaten. Conversely the recent Moses and Nefertiti by 
 Frank Gentile puts the Biblical exodus in Akhenaten's time. The Lynda 
 Robinson mysteries (3 of them so far) all occur in the time of Tut but 
 deal with political and historical issues relating to Akhenaten. Besides 
 The Egyptian film based on Waltari's novel, there was a 1961 movie, Queen
 of the Nile, made in Italy, with Jean Crain as Nefertiti and Vincent Price
 as the villain and Edmund Purdom (Sinuhe the Egyptian!0 as the sculptor
 Thutmose, secret lover of the queen. 
 It was out on video years ago as Nefertete, Queen of the Nile. A major
 Egyptian filmmaker was working on an Akhenaten movie when he died in the
 '80s. I can't list all the books here but another worth mentioninmg is
 King of the Two Lands, written in the '60s by archaeologist Jacquetta
 Elizabeth Skeith:
 I can recommend Lynda S. Robinson's series of mysteries.  I think the
 first one (Murder in the Place of Anubis) takes place in the reign of
 Akhnaton, but the next one (Murder at the God's Gate) takes place in the
 time of the young Tutankhamun (aged 14).  The sense of place seems good to
 me, but I'm no expert.
 Mary Shafer on Robinson's series:
 They're extremely good, particularly as mysteries, which is where a
 lot of the so-called historical mysteries really fail.  I rummaged
 though some of my slides from a 1974 trip to Egypt and found photos of
 a hippo hunt mural that corresponded very well with her account.
 They're both about Tutankhamun, as is the third, by the way.
 Katherine Rossner:
 A young-adult one I liked was "The Lost Queen of Egypt" (about 
 Akhenaten's daughter/Tutankhamen's wife, but set mostly during 
 Akhenaten's reign).  I think the author was Lucile Morison.