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Re: Conservatives, bookstores and an apolo

 In article, (Sandra J Hutchinson) writes:
 >Your numbers are a little off.  I work for one of the flagship stores in 
 >one of the chains, and we carry no more than half the number of titles 
 >you estimate.  We also carry a lot more political science than you cite.  
 I appreciate your responses, Sandra.  You are obviously conscientious
 and probably do a better job than my original post gave you credit
 If my numbers are off; they are off.  My figures came from Publishers'
 Weekly, about a year ago-- and from the SJMercury News book section
 about the same time.   We are still talking about very large numbers of
 books, coupled with a very small number of books in the category I was
 interested in.  We are also talking about SIX stores, not just your
 store.  We are still talking about NO books found, and NO special
 orders taken. You see this as an accusation on my part of some kind of
 plot, and I suppose I worded it that way.  I was really just thinking
 about my own personal experience, though-- and noting a remarkable
 pattern I followed through six stores.
 * * * * * *
 >But while adding more books might make you happier, the odds are that the
 >majority would just sit there taking up room and gathering dust. 
 >Bookstores aren't libraries; they're businesses--businesses based on
 >selling though the stock so many times during the year.  A bookstore that
 >just stocks titles for the sake of carrying them goes out of business. 
 No.  The chances are that they would sell over time.  These are
 standard, well-known titles. I think not finding ANY of fifteen titles
 through SIX stores is worth remarking on.
 * * * * * * 
 >I'm proud of the chain that I work for.  We carry a lot of books by 
 >smaller presses, and we back up our statement that we'll special order 
 >anything in print.
 Some of your help hasn't gotten the message.
 * * * * * * 
 >But we have to take into account the actual tastes of the bookbuying 
 >public.  Genre books sell well: mysteries, romance, science fiction (and 
 >yes, we have New Gingrich's sf book--the same copy has been on the shelf 
 >snce it came out).
 You have valid points to make-- but so do I.  Your store is HUGE--
 there is plenty of room for more than a few standard,
 reasonable-selling Political Science and Economics titles.  But they
 won't sell, if you don't stock them, will they?  You didn't have ANY.
 * * * * * *
 >You didn't mention what the other thirteen books you couldn't find 
 >were--but I'll bet that the reason for not carrying them was more 
 >economic than censorship--which was the purported reason for your first 
 I didn't argue that you were censoring your booklist.  All I did, was
 to say that I couldn't find any of my books through six stores, after
 spending around nine hours looking and asking.  Your 'books that sell'
 argument really doesn't explain the extreme absence of these titles
 everywhere I looked.  
 I will argue now, that large chains are following some kind of buying
 policy that systematically eliminates books that politically aware
 people need to read.  This policy should be changed.
 * * * * * * *
 >We're not in the censor business--but we're not in the propagandizing 
 >business either.  We're in the business of meeting the greatest needs of