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Re: Mappelthorpe

 In article <4qvrk5$> Dave Locke, writes:
 :> Cincinnati has proven itself an intellectual backwater with the Larry
 :> affair [straight sex], the Maplethorpe affair [homosexual sex], the
 :> Shott affair [the other way, folks; I had to tune in "Politically
 :> Incorrect" a week later to hear her quoted fully, and I was just as
 :> at what she had 'really' said as was the host Bill Maher -- so I
 :> this as "the boys want a woman out of baseball and will pick on and
 :> obfuscate anything"], the Cleanup Affair of moving the whorehouses and
 :> titty bars across the river to Newport, Kentucky ["we're a clean city,
 :> if you want that nasty stuff you can't get it unless you can walk or
 :> an entire half mile"], and the Oh, I Didn't Know That Affair [a major
 :> regional headquarters of the Ku Klux Klan just a scant few miles north
 :> here].  And etc. etc. ad barf nauseam.  And, despite living here for
 :> far] 16 years I have yet to meet more than a mere handful of people
 [who I
 :> didn't already know before I moved here] who sidled from 'stranger' to
 :> 'acquaintance' without confiding in me that they really don't much
 care for
 :> "niggers".  Cincinnati is a Class Act.  No question. 
 Though I have never spent more time in Cincinnat than it takes to blow
 through it on the interstate doing 65 mph (well, it was rush hour) I have
 read about it -- the city has a rep as a hotbed of censorship,
 bluenoseism and general stupidity. I believe Charles Keating got his
 start there, with some sort of censorship campaign. His credentials as a
 smut fighter thusly, and the Reagan administration was so impressed that
 they let him get his grubby paws on an S&L -- and the rest is history.
 Oh, yeah, since this is a science fiction newsgroup: I bet they would
 censor John Norman's Gor novels in Cincinatti, if they  could understand
 What I meant to say was that I had a PORNOGRAPHIC memory.
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