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India Discussion Digest, June 11 1997Anand Mahadevan's remarks on Hindi

I am at loss on the discussion on "Imposition of Hindi". To my
understanding Hindi was never imposed on any one. The constitutent
assembly by a big majority decided that Hindi would be sole language of
administration for the Republic of India. On the request of then Prime
Minister of India Jawahar Lal Nehru, Government of India was allowed a
change over period which expired on the 1960s. In the 1960s, then PM Nehru
re-initiated a discussion in the Parliament.  The Job-plitics and may be
elitist "feelings" among the elite of India created a Hindi bashing
environment amongst the "Sotherners". Again, with a consent of big
majority of Hindi speaking MPs, then PM Nehru instigated a resolution in
the Parliament for English to be a co-language of administartion for an
indefinite period (Against the better judgement of the Building father of
Indian nation).  I feel that it is English which is barely understood by
bare 3% of Indian citizens is being imposed.  Any Comments?  Anoop

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