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RESOUR> Linking: Article on legal issuesLinking: Article on legal issues

Netscape World online has an article discussing the legal issues
pertaining to framing AND linking to other people's sites without
their permission. Since many of us are placing many links on our
pages and encouraging students to do the same, we really need
to be aware of some of the issues addressed here, and the court
decisions that have been made (and are being made) in this regard.

It's Ok to Put a Link to another Site on my Page, right? Maybe not.

>Last year the state of Georgia passed a law making it a crime
>to link to someone's site without their permission....There
>is a body of cases suggesting that you can be charged under
>such a law even if you never set foot in Georgia....

>A related issue occurs when someone uses a copyrighted image, say
>a corporate logo as a clickable image map to link someone to the
>corporate site. This is quite logical, but it is also a copyright
>violation unless you have the permission of the logo's owner.

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