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Re: Mr. Miller leaves tracks

Send the $4,000.00 payment to: PO Box 1313, Jakarta,  or I'll sick my IP firm 
on your ass until I get the note on that double-wide. I'm sure one of them will 
enlighten you about the chuckle they make when you say "patent" in answer to 
"residuals" as well, you illiterate goon.

> > It's just that, Spunk... "standard" contracting terms.
> ...hence, the grepping.

No.  Hence them being "standard".  

Do you speak English?  

At all? 

Haven't you noted this astounding problem you have whenever you say 
anything remotely legal? 

 Or are you used to the sting from years of being caught masturbating?

Like I said: 

"I know that a dimwitted crack-whore like you has trouble figuring the sales tax 
when wearing shoes; but some of us are aware of these simple matters. That's 
why we don't CONTRACT for them, and generally we say while the
commercial is playing 'What kind of blithering fool would lease a car?' "

Now go ahead and delete it again; it does nothing for your equity.

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