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old crucifucks article (from feb 1996, i think) [I'm



     Spin police

     THOUGH THE PHILADELPHIA POLICE have been accused of many things
     since the MOVE tragedy and the MUMIA ABU-JAMAL sentencing, you
     couldn't accuse them of being too quick on the draw in one
     instance: on Feb. 7 the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police
     filed a lawsuit in Pennsylvania's Court of Common Pleas about a
     1992 CD cover made from a 1985 poster created for a Philly police
     campaign. The album in question was a reissue by the CRUCIFUCKS,
     a little-known Lansing, Mich., punk band that broke up about 10
     years ago.

     But while the police may have been slow in spotting the so-called
     problem, they were way too ready to launch their political
     campaign against it: When the FOP held its press conference on
     the lawsuit -- a short three hours after it was filed with the
     court -- legal papers were just en route to BORDERS BOOKS AND
     MUSIC, which carried the album, and ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES, the
     S.F.-based record company that released it. Alternative Tentacles
     in particular was a little surprised when journalists started
     calling about the lawsuit.

     States JELLO BIAFRA, no stranger to legal wrangles, in his
     written announcement for his record company: "We at Alternative
     Tentacles Records are always suspicious of any legal action that
     begins with a press conference before anyone is served any legal
     papers. Having not seen any papers in regard to this lawsuit, we
     have no idea what this is really about."

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