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old crucifucks article (from feb 1996, i think) [I'm



     Spin police

     THOUGH THE PHILADELPHIA POLICE have been accused of many things
     since the MOVE tragedy and the MUMIA ABU-JAMAL sentencing, you
     couldn't accuse them of being too quick on the draw in one
     instance: on Feb. 7 the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police
     filed a lawsuit in Pennsylvania's Court of Common Pleas about a
     1992 CD cover made from a 1985 poster created for a Philly police
     campaign. The album in question was a reissue by the CRUCIFUCKS,
     a little-known Lansing, Mich., punk band that broke up about 10
     years ago.

     But while the police may have been slow in spotting the so-called
     problem, they were way too ready to launch their political
     campaign against it: When the FOP held its press conference on
     the lawsuit -- a short three hours after it was filed with the
     court -- legal papers were just en route to BORDERS BOOKS AND
     MUSIC, which carried the album, and ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES, the
     S.F.-based record company that released it. Alternative Tentacles
     in particular was a little surprised when journalists started
     calling about the lawsuit.

     States JELLO BIAFRA, no stranger to legal wrangles, in his
     written announcement for his record company: "We at Alternative
     Tentacles Records are always suspicious of any legal action that
     begins with a press conference before anyone is served any legal
     papers. Having not seen any papers in regard to this lawsuit, we
     have no idea what this is really about."

     According to DALE WILCOX, press officer for the Philadelphia

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