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Re: Giovanni and Necromancy (was Success with new Clans?)

 Chris Rhodes wrote:
 > The Corrupter <> writes:
 > >On 22 Jun 1996, Harry Smith wrote:
 > >I don't think that Necromancy is really a combat discipline.  As far as I
 > >see, it is a versatile discipline like animalism: some descent combat, a
 > >little of this, a little of that.  Useful on the whole.  If any focus is
 > >needed, I think card retrieval, a few more versatile cards (like Soul
 > >stealing, and Spectral Divination, being both combat/action modifier and
 > >action modifier/reaction), with the odd combat card here and there.
 > I would like to see more useful stuff with Necromancy.  I think most of
 > the cards are a waste.  I use Spectral Divination, Torment the Soul,
 > and now Whispers from the Dead.  I tried to keep some of the Necromancy
 > stuff in, but I always ended up discarding it (which with the Giovanni isn't
 > a bad strategy now.  Dump the cards for bringing back allies and retainers,
 > and then use Carlotta or Whispers to retrieve it when you need it...)
 Actually, I think Necromancy is meant to be more of a background discipline.. 
 it doesn't allow you to do alot by itself, but getting those cards back out 
 of your ash heap can be extremely important (especially when you REALLY need 
 that Thoughts Betrayed.. sort of like they're communing with the dead to find 
 out what you're planning to do.. :).. but I think that is Necromancy's 
 primary focus... I play with very few Necromancy cards, but the ones I do use 
 I use a lot of... 
 > >
 > >> While I'm talking about Necromancy, here's what I think they should have
 > >> done.  First, dump all those goofy cards that resurect an ally/retainer.
 > >No.  These cards are too useful.  One can make a ally/retainer deck, and
 > >use the Necromancy to get them back for free.
 > I don't think they need to do anymore with the Ally/retainer cards.  They
 > have plenty now.  I would like to see a card that lets you turn an ally
 > into a vampire though...  It would be interesting to have Muddles embraced.
 > It could be an action called Embrace of the Kindred or something...
 That would be really neat.. except.. I don't think some of that would 
 translate well.. like embracing a mummy.. or Ambrosius.. or even Talaq.. 
 would he still keep his minor disciplines..? could he even be re-embraced..? 
 Stuff like that would just get a bit too complicated...
 > >> Allies don't get used enough to make it worthwhile, and retainers just
 > >> don't die very often.  You should keep maybe one, and let it get allies
 > >> or retainers from anyone's ashheap.
 > >That would be an interesting expansion card (hopefully expensive).
 > >> Make more stealth/intercept cards,
 > >> focusing on the summoning spirits and getting information from them
 > >> aspect of Necromancy.  Make some cards that work like the Nosferatu
 > >> special abilities.  Maybe an action that lets you look at the top card of
 > >> your crypt, a combat card that lets you look at the top card of your
 > >> opponants library, etc.  In short, focus more on getting information from
 > >> spirits.
 > I like the idea of cards that let you see your next card, as long as they
 > would be a permanent...  A master or Action that stays in play and can be
 > burned.