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Song: "What If Palp Was One of Us?", A Coded Commentary in Song

     Emperors and dictators are notorious for their lavish lifestyles,
 palaces and luxuries, but even the citizenry of some dictatorships can
 tolerate, if not indulge, their awful leaders as long as they don't
 withdraw from socializing and seclude themselves in their palaces from the
 public. My take on Palpatine is that he himself no longer makes public
 appearances in his latter years but sends an representative in his stead.
 Indeed, he may only be represented by an advanced CGI-like
 computer-animated holographic image of his younger self before his radical
 Dark-Side transformation.
     The phrases below, "Palp IS great" and "Palp IS good," are meant to
 sound like often-repeated lines of Imperial propaganda utilized to
 brainwash children in schools. The lyrics to the song, however, are not
 what they appear to be a first reading. To get the full intent, you would
 have to sing it to the accompaniment of the original song. Reason: Osborne
 sings the song in a sort of spacey, melancholic and weary manner that adds
 a tone of irony to what she's singing....
 A Citizen of the Empire's Coded Commentary in Song to His/Her Listening
 Censored by the Imperial Holonet and broadcast only by Holonet Free
 Republic  :^)
 (C) Copyright 1996 By James King; All Rights Reserved.
 [Sung to the tune of Joan Osborne's 1995 song "(What If God Was) One of
 Us?" from her album "Relish")
 If Palp changed his name__,
 what would it be_?
 Would you flub its pronunciation
 if you were faced with him
 in all_ his_ glory_?
 What would you ask him
 if you had just_ one_ question__ ?
 Yeah__ Yeah___ "Palp_ IS__ great_."
 Yeah__ Yeah___ "Palp_ IS__ good_."
 Yeah__ Yeah___ "Yaddah, yaddah, yaddah!"
 What if Palp_ was one of us_?
 Just a sap_ like one of us_?
 Just a stran-ger a - mong us
 on a ship on his way_ home___?
 If Palp showed his face_,
 what would it look like?
 And would you wanna see__
 if seeing meant
 that you would have to believe__
 in things like Exar Kuun
 and Vader and the Sith_
 and in_ the Dark_ Side_?
 And yeah__ yeah___ "Palp_ IS__ great_."
 Yeah__ yeah___ "Palp_ IS__ good_."
 Yeah__ yeah___ "Yaddah, yaddah, yaddah!_"
 What if Palp_ was one of us_?
 Just a sap_ like one of us_
 riding third class a - mong us
 on a ship on his way_ home__?
 Trying to make his way_ home____
 back to Coruscant all alone___?
 Nobody calling by holo___
 'cept for someone named "Solo"___ ....
 Yeah__ Yeah___ Palp's_ my__ date_!
 Yeah__ Yeah___ Palp's_ a__ bud_!