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Re: Success with new Clans?

 The Corrupter wrote:
 > On 21 Jun 1996, Chris Rhodes wrote:
 > > Anyone had luck with the new clans?  I've played a decent Giovanni deck,
 > > and I've been experimenting with the Ravnos lately.  I think the Ravnos
 > > far outdo the Giovanni, Necromancy just seems to come up short...
 > I've had a far different experience.  The only necromancy card I don't
 > care for is Eyes of the Dead.  If it allowed you to block _any_ torpor
 > experience (including rescue), that would be different.
 > My own Giovanni deck doesn't use potence, but works on a diablerie
 > cycle.  Slow to start, strong in late game, once set up, it wins _every_
 > fight it picks.  Thoughts Betrayed, with Rowan Rings on Ghouls, followed
 > by Amaranth.  A fun deck.
 > > I played against an Assamite deck last weekend, but he was toasted pretty
 > > quickly do to a Malkavian Stealth and Bleed predator.  He also didn't get
 > > any Contracts up which didn't help...
 > My own assamite deck is relatively effective (just as good as any other
 > combat deck), but I want to shrink it down a bit.  So far, I tend to
 > either kill the whole table, or be locked in a struggle with someone.
 > Get into combat cards have come up pretty reliably, so maybe you were
 > just unlucky.
 > > I was just kinda curious to see what anyone else has done...
 > My current deck I'm developing is a Toreador/Follower of Set deck using
 > S&Vote.  Seems to be doing pretty well.  (Make some of those Followers of
 > Set into princes, and sometimes get 4 votes from one vampire!)
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 Try this with the Ravnos
 > The Ravnos decks are strong with a simple Brainwash/Trick of Danya combo.  Throw in a 
 Pentex subversion for the vamp that does get out, and your prey is in for a short 
 ride.  The nice thing aobut this deck is that in the early stages your prey is using 
 his own blood to bring out your vamps at a faster rate than the other players.  If he 
 isn't playing a weenie deck, you'll soon have four or five vampires out in no time 
 while he doesn't have any, can't put blood on them fast enough to get them out, and 
 ends up in a seriously weak position.
 The Drawback:  It only works on your first prey.  After that you have a slugfest.  In 
 small player games it works great.  In larger games it still works, but you end up 
 weaker towards the end.