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Re: The Saudi Bomb not from Extremists

 Yes that might be true Joseph (Who's Cynthia?), but the real tell-tale 
 would be what happens next, i.e. who they end up stiking this one to: 
 Khadaffi is not the a-la-mode terrorist head of state at least for now, 
 and Saddam extracts pitty and lampooning.....could it be Assad that will 
 get the next shaft? 
 I is very worrisome when you give thought as to what might cooking 
 behind closed doors.  Besides, when it comes to the Middle East, not 
 even the brightest of fictional novelists can overdo it on "conspiracy 
 theories".  I am willing to bet anyone that in the halls of the 
 Pentagon, CIA, Mossad (Brrrrrrr..), the priority agenda is at least, but 
 not restricted to, about combating Militant Islam and its threat to the 
 Capitalization of the world.  I don't know about you guys, but I smell 
 fish, and I am bracing myself for another wave of anti-Arab sentiment to 
 wash up on the front pages of the US media. 
 Sleep well while you can.
 Khaled "Jean Claude Rizk" Masri. 
 Cynthia Moe wrote:
 > Aren't we getting a bit carried away with the conspiracy theories? the
 > last thing Clinton needs now is GIs coming home in body bags.
 > -----------------------
 > Joseph
 > > (Kassem Hamze) wrote in article.
 > > I agree with your analysis.  What's more suspicious is the timing of the
 > > bomb, only few days prior to  the G7 meeting.  It seems The Clinton
 > > administration would do anything to convince its European allies to
 > > tighten economical embargo on the so called "terrorist countries".
 > > Daniel Alam ( wrote:
 I disagree with most of the analysts about the Saudi Bomb:
 The people who placed it there tried to enter the compound, were
 turned away, then took the time to park the truck,
 go down and go in a waiting car before detonating.
 Anybody who knows fundamentalists knows this is not their style.The only
 way a moujahid goes to Heaven is through martyrdom. An extremist would
 have crashed the gate, driven the truck as close to the compound as 
 possible before detonating himself with it.
 This is a political undertaking,