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OJ Simpson employment now!

 Fill this ad: Football program. Black college seeking front office rep.
 Must have no recent felony convictions. 
 Guest lecturer to black student unions, on his challenges to a racist
 judicial system (that acquitted him) and a biased news media (that made
 him the fortune to pay for the dream team).
 Law firm consultant to financially secure brothas arrested for violent
 crimes, Re: obtaining publishers, agents, and free media exposure;
 building a no-cost, fan-recruited army chanting scripts on the
 LA/NY/Chicago Police Conspiracy (tm) and the Genocidal Racist Fuhrman
 Factor (tm) with wailing over the dozens of his horrible victims that have
 been afraid to come forward because of the money they'd get from selling
 their tribulations to the gossip rags and suing the LA police. As of now,
 there are an estimated 600[0?] victims of The Furholocaust (monument
 coming to a mall near you!)
 Join with Rodney King to liberate the Community of bloodsucking asians who
 have the audacity to sell fresh fruit and vegetables to the Community. 
 Cutlery infomercial salesman on BET.
 And of course, spokesman against spousal abuse (the new "can't have your
 cake and eat it" school)